Monday, January 27, 2014

I will go back to TB Joshua-Ni John Fru Ndi

By Fai Cassian
Fru Ndi
The national chairman of the Social Democratic Front-SDF has declared that he will go back to Prophet TB Joshua to pray for justice to prevail in Cameroon. Ni John Fru Ndi made the statement while receiving New Year Wishes from members of the National Executive Committee-NEC, members of the Advisory Council –NAC, Shadow Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Members of Parliament, Mayors, others. Harping on the absence of justice in Cameroon, Ni John Fru Ndi said that he took the Cameroon flag and handed to TB Joshua to pray for justice, adding that “I will go back to TB Joshua to pray for justice”. He said that he was disappointed when North West Fon organized an ecumenical service to pray for peace and ignored his proposal to instead pray for justice. Newspapers had earlier speculated on Ni John Fru Ndi’s mission to the synagogue.
According to Ni John Fru Ndi, Cameroon is a time-bomb that could be exploded at any given moment due to the dearth of justice.  He also used the opportunity to sound a warning to SDF elected officials on their individualistic tendencies. Ni John Fru Ndi emphasized that SDF officials should function as a group of people and not a group of individuals given the numerous challenges. He used the story of the hen and the hawk to authenticate his argument. He said that the year 2013 was challenging for the party and that he admired the fighting spirit that reign. “The SDF was born with a fighting spirit” and Cameroonians he added are looking the party to effect the badly needed change in the country. Fru Ndi said that he was shocked that during the last twin elections, civil servants were buying votes like bread. He blamed the Biya regime for leaving the people in abject poverty so that they could manipulate them with few banknotes. He lamented that during the last elections some people printed voters’ registers, voters cards, and used all obnoxious means to rig elections.
In her speech, SDF Secretary General Elizabeth Tamanjong said that one of the priority projects of the SDF in 2014 will be to construct a befitting secretariat for the party. She reiterated the need for party officials to co-exist. She damned the electoral process in Cameroon adding that if biometric registrations are not accompanied by biometric voting the process will be null. She said that with the biometric system in place, there is the for a single ballot system.

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Anonymous said...

John fru Ndi I i want to thank you,you have shown to the whole world that you truly love Cameroonians i am not a supporter of your party the SDF nor the supporter of the rolling party CPDM bearing the risk from here to Lagos Nigeria to pray for the country is enough exhibit of the love you have for your own people, will like to tell all who will come across this comment that i am still having a dream of a new Cameroon,a change Cameroon where there will be no embezzlement and corruption please the will of God will be done for the time has come i will advice you to follow the truth many are dying some going to prison most presently in prison have once declared the president of the republic as life president how possible can it be when doing things remember there is time for everything,it will be also funny for our traditional ruler to declared someone fon of Fons how possible don't they ask their selves whether they too were appointed to that position i want to thank the north west Fons for selling out the tradition,i want to send my greetings to the head of state H.E PAUL BIYA i want to thank him for understanding that his government has been a failure and ask him not to leave any stone on turn as far as embezzlement is concern,thank him for the 2035 vision but sir your peoples of the north west region are going through hell as far as road is concern,greetings to you H.E.vice president NI JOHN FRU NDI you are the Mandela of Cameroon whether the devil like it or not continue for God is with you please be friends with the president and from there you will accomplish your mission for he is not your enemy thank you.