Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year Message from National President of BICUDA, Shey Richard

Shey Richard: BICUDA President looking to the stars as the limit
My Dear Brothers and Sisters
My Dear Mums and Dads, fellow Binju Sons and Daughters at Home and the Diasporas
It is with great respect and honour that I am wishing you all a Happy New Year 2014 as I call on God Almighty to bless you, santify you and help you fight your spiritual battles, for this year to be that of success, progress, prosperity and good health to you all.

The year 2012-2013 were the years we all concieved ideas, this year is the practical year so that by the end of it we must have attain our objectives and that big word-"WE WILL IN A BIG WAY".
I am proud of you all for your unconditional support to me in partical and BICUDA in general, most especially for your weight behind the laying of the mighty "FOUNDATION STONE" of our dream project of December 21, 2013 for the construction of the BICUDA MULTI-PURPOSE HALL-"AU MBOA".
I have all the reasons to be proud of youall; after all "a Binju man is a proud man" as the saying goes. I will relent no efforts to make you to be proud of yourselves. 

2014 is Our year of Action and the time to act in a "Big Way" is Now!
 I am confident  and I know we are going to make it in a big way. However, i just want to remind you of our spirit of "UNITY" and "LOVE" for all so that we all build a strong and beautiful Binju.
God will provide abundantly for you all.

Long Live BINJU
Long Live NKAMBE
National President
Shey Richard-alias Tang-mbu
Tel: 74 66 04 25

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