Thursday, January 30, 2014

SDO Frowns at the Execution of 2013 Public Investment Budget, Warns....

By Fai Cassian Ndi & Haruna Mohamadou
Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard SDO (Middle)Disappointed with low execution
The Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division has given March 31, 2014 as latest date for the complete execution of all projects below FCFA 5million.  Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard made the declaration during the official launching of the 2014 financial year in Donga Mantung Division. Speaking during that ceremony at the Nkambe Community hall, the SDO said he was shocked that Donga Mantung Division was last in the execution of the 2013 Public Investment Budget for 2013. He frowed at the conflict of interest that is chopping off the Divisional Delegation of Public Contracts-MINMAP which according to what we gathered contributed in slowing down the award of contracts and their execution in the division. Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard also warned against the exploitative nature of some technical services. He quoted an example whereby one technical service asked for a sum of FCFA 800.000 to build a tender file. The amount he noted is quite exorbitant. Vote holders he observed expect frank collaboration from the technical services and not what transpired or was observed in the field recently. He reiterated that there is a lot of disorder at the Divisional Delegation of Public Contracts for Donga Mantung Division and that such archaic behaviors have tampered development process. There is the pathetic case whereby a contract duly awarded by MINMAP Donga Mantung was petitioned against by the same delegation. It was also observed that MINMAP service car has always been on transit between Kumbo and Nkambe, sometimes at very crucial moments that it should have accompanied other staff to the field. It was also revealed that the staff of MINMAP has not been corporative in their job assignments. While one in visiting the same project in the morning another is preparing to visit the very project in the afternoon. Duplication of functions is the order of the day and more so, contracts awarded by the tender board were also cancelled an awarded to a different contractor by the Divisional Delegate. It is even reported that some contracts were received without them being completed, a similar case was reported in Ako and in Ndu the head teacher of one primary school was asking whether it was normal that benches for his school could be received in his absent. In fact, MINMAP Nkambe has been observed as being in a state of comma due to conflict of interest. 
However, in his closing remarks the SDO for Donga Mantung Division prescribed hardwork to all the stakeholders ranging from the Controler of Finance, Public Works, Economy, Plan and Regional Development and Public Contracts. He also called on the Taxation Service to be duty conscious and above all for contractors and control engineers to work in collaboration for a 100% execution of the budget. Break time is over and this is the time for work, he concluded. 
It should be noted that during the fourth Follow up Meeting of Public Investment Budgets for Donga Mantung Division, MINMAP Delegate Chin Emmanuel was conspiciously present. Members also frowned at his perpetual manner of not attending meetings. It was also observed that he had never attended any Follow up Meeting whereas he is the major stakeholder in the process. Yet he is a permanent absentee at meetings.

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