Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cameroonians not TB Joshua will save, develop Cameroon!

By Felix Teche Nyamusa, 2018 presidential hopeful

          Folks, Cameroonians, its more than time we use all means to overthrow the CPDM dictatorship. History has not shown any multiparty-state with an enslaving stone-age constitution and a bewildering pro the-ruling-party electoral code like obtained here that escaped Armageddon. With near all Cameroonians particularly the brains and workaholics struggling to emigrate to the Diaspora, we are totally in deep shit.

The Biya government today is an international beggar – with but trivialities accruing from such mean endeavors (begging), it is us Cameroonians including our Cameroon clergy first to standup and say no! Other countries do that and are rescued. The international community including international preachers may only succeed here sequel to indigenous vigorous contest. Hence Chairman John Fru Ndi’s resolve, as explained during the NEC meeting of January 25, 2014 , of contacting foreign priests, including Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria, for Cameroon woes is trifle coming from the leadership of the nation’s main and fervently cherished opposition party.

With abandoned undeveloped country-sides and barely scanty industries or meaningful corporations to cater for job needs of youths and the capable, burdened with broad daylight intentional destruction of original union goodwill intentions of the two united nations trust territories that make up contemporary Cameroon (La Republique du Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons), the SDF- my party fight for the rule of law and good governance is just. It will benefit all Cameroonians from North to South, from East to West. As SDF presidential candidate (pending primaries) and in line with my party manifesto, I, Felix Teche Nyamusa stand by the contents of my 3rd January 2014 “Open message to Government” – which is an ultimatum for good governance to this erring endemic regime. Thus with absolute due respect, I call for those of us at leadership position today to be extremely mindful of our prescriptions including opinions to Cameroonians so as not to retard or blur the fight for positive change in our fatherland!

                           May God guide Cameroon .

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