Friday, February 14, 2014

Have You Heard the News from Camer?(Part Three)

By Writam-Pen
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Country people it is now certain that Popol and Chantou will storm Buea on February 20th. Martin Belinga Eboutou, Popol’s chief “chinda” has confirmed in a communiqué today that Popol and Chantou will be in Buea to feast with Cameroonians and that the 50th anniversary celebration of reunification will start from February 19-21st. I am sure you will all watch Popol with admiration as he grabs his PHD in Political Science from UB. I hear the University Campus has been given a facelift in preparation for the event. You know Popol always spring surprises. You remember how he rejected some gifts in Bamenda during the 50th Anniversary of the Armed Forces.
Buea, they say is set for the event and the local organizing committee has confirmed that 111 hotels of 2500 rooms have been identified, 18 parking spaces and the water capacity has been augmented from 3000 to 7000 m3. I wish the ceremony is postponed again for my people of Buea to benefit more lofty projects. Do you know that Popol coughed out FCFA 13.5 billion to sponsor reunification projects? I have spent two days pondering on what Popol tell Cameroonians when he finally comes to Buea? Will he declare the independence of Southern Cameroons as purported by Nfor Nfor and others or will he adhere to the idea of UN state of Cameroon as administered by Prof. Chia and co? I am sure you all heard about the explosive publication by Global Times (smoked screened as based in Nigeria) announcing that 16 States in Nigeria have decided to join the UN State of Cameroons. Could it be a scam by Prof. Chia and co to get my retired fathers of their hard earned currency that independence is at hand? Now that some of them were telling their supporters that Popol is afraid of coming to the Capital of the Southern Cameroons, what will they say now that the date has been announced? Do not ask me whether we are celebrating the 50th or 53rd anniversary. You know Popol talked of “le cinquantenaire” meaning that the celebration could extend to 59th. Oh poor Anglos who cannot translate well. They dubbed us with their poor translation. You know Popol too is of age. Can you imagine that Popol has chopped 81 Xmas but still looks very young. Popol celebrated his 81st Birth Day last February 13. 13 February 1933 to 13 February 2014 clocks Popol 81years.
You know, Popol will be coming to Buea with his shoulders very high. I hope you have heard what he unleashed to the Cameroonian youth? I mean the promise to create 250.000 new jobs this year. I always feel that the politician is only afraid of the youth. You heard how Popol took time again to address the “achaba riders”. In Buea University students will sing halleluiah for the great promise. I hear job seekers have already started compiling documents. Popol is really a very serious man but he is surrounded by clowns and people who see nothing good in anything except it is in the form of bread. He knows when to act and when not to.
I hope you know the former 1st Vice Chairman of the SDF who was also 3rd Vice Speaker at the National Assembly. This man is a very smart man. At one time he brought tugs from Bafoussam to disrupt an SDF meeting in Bamenda. I remember how one of his former colleagues described him as a power monger. I mean Hon. Kwemo Pierre. Have you heard that the UMS of Kwemo Pierre is wet-nosing to enter into government? I am sure that is why he dumped the SDF to create his own party and finally grasped the Bafang council.
Teachers, teachers, and the teachers’ trade unions have declared zero classes come Monday. But classified sources say the SDOs have been assigned to intimidate head teachers and principles that if they dare, they will all be sacked. You know these teachers are what they are. Whenever I think of Cameroon teachers, I always think of late Simon Nkwenti. He did all he could for the welfare of teachers. May his Soul rest in Peace! You must have heard that our sister Ama Tutu Muna lost the son in a fatal motor accident in Yaounde. Fremy, will be laid to rest this Saturday February 15 at Ngyembu-Mbengwi. May His Soul Rest in Peace!

I hear Bafia is not joking to check child traficking. The population almost lynched three Iyobos for child trafficking on Feb, 7 at about 3:15pm.  In the West Region, Galim is in the news as the Brigade Commander allegedly tried to assassinate the Divisional Officer. They say the brouhaha erupted after the later was accused of drug trafficking. Oh poor Thierry Atangana! I hear it is now the the United Nation that has ordered that Mr. Thierry Atangana of French Nationality should be freed and sent to France. You know Popol makes as if he doesn't want to give an ear yet gave the green light for Haman Adama to be freed. 

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