Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Have You Heard the News from Camer?(Part Four)

By Writam-Pen alias Cassimania
Country people, I say na wa fo Cameroon. I think I told you two weeks ago that Popol is good dribbler. He has dribbled Cameroonians again. I hope you all got the trumpeted communiqué from the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency announcing that Popol and Chantou will storm Buea on February 20 to preside over activities marking the fiftieth anniversary of reunification. Contrary to that communiqué, Popol has changed his mind that he will not wait for February 20; instead Popol has decided to be the first person in Buea. I hear there is commotion in Buea and the entire South West Region. Popol has taken everyone including the organizing committee by surprise. Journalists have been hooked. Accreditation application are just arriving Ngola when Popol has already left for Buea. Do not be surprise that some media organs will not be part of this celebration. The question as the whether the state Vuvuzela will have time to sign the accreditation for journalists to cover the event remains another big headache. Don’t be surprise that all TV channels will not broadcast Popol’s arrival live from Buea. They too were taken unaware. Those who said Popol will not show up in Buea are shocked that the man has decided to take permanent residence in Buea ahead of D-Day.  I am sure that Popol and Chantou will only spend a day in Buea but more than two days. The personalities who had prepared to leave for Buea today have been blocked. Entering Buea now is difficult. Popol has outsmarted his detractors and taken them unaware again. Some Ministers are on their way rushing to Buea to receive the Presidential couple and late-comers will have themselves to blame. Poor ministers!!
I hear Philemon Yanky told SCNC activists point blanch yesterday that there is no room for secessionist ideas. Philemon Yanky who was the personal representative of Popol at a symposium hammered on Anglophone secessionists who have been advocating for the independence of Southern Cameroons that they should regularize themselves by transforming the various SCNC factions to political parties.  Nfor Nfor is raising hell. SCNC strongman says some SCNC traitors have been tipped to sign a concocted treaty with Popol in Buea. To Nfor Nfor there is no marriage certificate between La Republique and Southern Cameroons. I hear Popol has also decided to give preference to the politicians especially leaders of political parties of English expression. By yesterday, all political leaders of English expression were handed sealed envelops invitation. I hear the gombo is luck-mouth.  500.000 FCFA to 2.5 million FCFA is the amount that has been disbursed to the leaders of the political parties invited. John Ntarinkon has been privy to have another tete-a-tete with Popol. I have been told that Popol has in his agenda to receive Leaders of political parties of English expression yet John Ntarinkon will be the only political leader that will sit and discuss intimate issues with Popol. Other political leaders will be received in a group. You know Popol knows very well that his strength comes from these people of the lie so he had prepared fat envelopes for them. I have been hinted that the smallest envelope contains a check of 500.000 FCFA and the biggest is about 2.5 million FCFA. This is just for fuel because Popol has already assigned people to take care of their lodging. Na real time for chop this!!
However, as Popol comes to Buea, operation zero alcohol has been declared. All drinking spots, bars etc have been closed. You know Popol hate noise. And these drunkards are fun of making noise.

Have you ever witnessed the collapse of a regime? I am sure this regime is joking with fire. These teachers again have gone wild!  They have vowed that they will all sink with Popol and his ministers including our children. They say they need a change in their salaries and that in as much as Popol doesn’t increase their salaries, no classes. For two days now, pupils and students of government schools have turn selves to teachers. They have decided that no gombo, no classes.  Schools have been paralyzed nationwide. They are claiming that this is just an avant gout and that next time, the strike will be endless. I hear the SDOs and Dos are on hot seats as Popol is threatening to dismiss all of them for failing in their duties. Popol landed at the Tiko airport at precisely 13:31. 

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