Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last Minute Gossips from Buea: A Must Read

Country people, I hope you have heard the latest. Popol and Chantou left the former capital of the Southern Cameroon for Ngola after five nights. You know Popol said that Buea has always been close to his heart and not in his heart. Before leaving for Ngola, Popol received almost everybody. The MPs of the South West led by the Vice President of the National Assembly Hon. Lifaka, traditional rulers of the South West headed by Senator Fon Fontem, the shaking-spear mayor of Buea council, the SDOs of South West headed by Governor Okala and a delegation of the CPDM militants as usual. I saw some of them arguing over ngombo. Popol said nay to the North West boot-lickers who were still in Buea. Don’t ask me why the second tete-a-tete between Popol-John Ntarinkon could not take place as announced by your Writam-pen. John Ntarinkon was annoyed by the fact that Popol transformed the reunification celebration into a CPMD rally. So he decided to abandon his former friend reasons why he left immediately after the march-past. I hear the man and his delegation refused take part in item 11.John Ntarinkon was very bitter that instead of portraying the effigies of reunification heroes, all the songs, slogans and effigies were those of Popol. He even whispered to your Writam-pen that it is a pity that Popol could even promise the people of the Southwest a culvert. Don’t be surprise to hear that John Ntarinkon will over SCNC. If it happens then Popol will only have himself to blame because John Ntarinkon has been very patient all this while. I saw sadness on the foreheads of almost all Southwesterners. One traditional ruler just hinted me that Popol’s coming has instead spit South West. According to the hint people are now divided into four factions, the pro-Inoni, SCNC and pro-Popol. This is really a serious issue. I know you should be asking question about the much talked about PHD Popol was to grab from UB. The man sensed danger and turned down the offer. He wanted the issue to remain a secret. The VC is on a hot seat. And that she has just announced the UB graduation ceremony for March 22. I hope Popol will not knock his head before that day. As for Paddy, I hear he plunged into boosing as soon as Popol left.
His new name now is Mr. Everybody. You remember how he dashed the entire region into the gutter. Can you imagine that Paddy had the lone opportunity to present to Popol the sufferings of the entire South West and he dashed everything? Instead of talking about the Kumba-Mamfe road, the Limbe Deep Seaport and others, Paddy spent his time shaking over a piece of paper like Shakespeare and ended up asking Popol only to upgrade Buea council into a city council. The Ngola cronies of Popol dealt with him. In fact, I am sure that this guy was handpicked. Remember late Jumua Pefok, the Government Delegate to the defunct Bamenda Urban Council had that same opportunity and he used it wisely. He accepted a speech from Popol’s cronies when Popol was coming to Abakwa but when the moment came for him to present his speech; he removed one from his pocket and told Popol the truth about the Bamenda man. What happened next was that he was sacked from office but he lived and died as a true patriotic man. The Bamenda man will never forget late Pefok. I am sure if you ask Paddy’s name to many Southwesterners they would prefer not to call it. I saw what power can do in Buea. Kai walai!! Do you know that some people made billions of FCFA in Buea? I got a hint how at the Parliamentary Flat and Mountain hotel appointments were being sold like pieces of bread. Scammers scammed them well. Anyway it is stolen money.
I hear that some SCNC activists will send a motion of congratulation to Popol for rehabilitating their Presidency. Your Writam-pen also gathered that in the few days, except others SCNC will make public its government and that all ministers including the President must be residence in Southern Cameroons territory. 

RIP Charles Ateba Eyene. Where are all the young men going to? The other day it was Pappy Ndoumbe and now it is Charles Ateba Eyene. I am certain that someone is responsible-oooh. As I was putting this piece on paper while in the car, a friend of mine tweetted me the last tweet by Charles Ateba Eyene. If you have not read it, better read it. That one is more than the Marafaleaks. Oh what is this world so cruel na? I hope you know the White man Mayor. The former mayor of Ako Council Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe another personal friend is no more. He kicked the bucket yesterday. He worked in the Nigerian Army, then latter Cameroon Army, upon retirement; he worked with the United Nations and had a second retirement before he was voted mayor of Ako. He served the Ako council for two consecutive mandates from 2004-2013. 

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