Thursday, February 20, 2014

Live Gossips from Buea Reunification Celebration at Bongo Square

Can you imagine that your Writam-pen almost got buried in the crowd at the Bongo Square today morning? I was wondering in which language Popol was going to address Cameroonians. At last, he spoke in English. Let me tell you that it was good English and not slippery like his ministers. But the speech had no substance. Anyway history is history except otherwise. When Popol arrived at the Bongo Square, I observed that he decided to change his seat. Chantou sat on his right. It seems he did not want to chat with somebody. Or this is another innovation. This is just a signal that truly, Popol is determined to introduce the post of vice President.

In his speech he started by congratulating the people of the South West Region for the warm welcome given him and wife, Chantou. He said the South West Region has always being very close to his hearts. Trust Popol, he talked of the reunification of Cameroon without mentioning its architects like late President Ahmadou Ahidjo, Foncha, ST Muna, Endeley etc. Can we say that this was intentional? Popol in his speech thanked the United Nations and other friendly nations who worked for the independence and reunification of Cameroon. Like the heroes of reunification, Popol said he was glad to rewrite history by walking on the same soil the architects of independence walk on some 53 years ago. You know Popol knows how to flatter. I listened to him praising himself for changing the face of Buea. He said that the level of litercacy in Cameroon is about 90%. Can you imagine that Popol said that there are 12 airports and 4 International airports in Cameroon? And there are 2260 hospitals in the country. I told you that Popol is a good juggler; now he talks with statistics. I hope you heard what he said about Buea. Popol knows very well that Buea was the capital of Southern Cameroons, former capital of West Cameroon and today the capital of the South West Region. Yet Popol beat about the bush without addressing the issue at stake but finally confirmed that Southern Cameroons got its independence on February 11, 1961. So Popol wanted Cameroonians to sing which Anthem? Is this an attempt to colonize Southern Cameroons or to show the world that it is two separate nations with two different anthems ruled by one President. The Anglophone problem which has ignited secessionists tendencies were completely ignored in the speech. Surprisingly, Popol has again dribbled Cameroonians. It has been a tradition that everywhere he goes; he dishes out development projects. But it is not the case in Buea and the South West Region. Can we say that Southwesterners are not good at lobbying for development projects or Popol has changed his strategies? I am sure Abgor Tabi, Mengot, Philip Ngwesse and  co, the regime vuvuzelas would never be forgiven for not lobbying for projects as expected. I saw signs of disappointment on the faces of South West elite(s) when Biya concluded his speech without any Presidential largess. I hear mayor Patrick Ekema is on heat for not addressing the problems of the South West Region. The mayor of Buea was more concern with Buea. You heard what he said that even though Buea is the capital of South West Region, it is a sub Division. Buea is the only regional capital without a city council. Can you imagine that even though Buea is the capital of the South West Region, the Capital of Fako is Limbe? I just spotted the chiefs with scares on their faces. 

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