Monday, February 17, 2014

Reunification Celebration: Biya to Meet Fru Ndi in Buea

It is clear that President Biya and wife, Chantal Biya will be in Buea on February 18, 2014 for the belated Reunification Celebrations. It is no more news that President Biya will grant audiences to some influential personalities. The Eye is aware that eventhough President Biya will grant audiences to elite(s) of the South West Region as it was the case in Bamenda during the 50th Anniversary of the Cameroon Armed Forces, leaders of political parties have been preferred. According to a classified source at the Presidency, invitation letters and sealed enveloped have been channels to all the political leaders of English expression. It is but normal that the second encounter Biya-Fru Ndi will take place in Buea. According to the hint President Biya prefers to receive Fru Ndi and his SDF delegation before proceeding to receive other political leaders as a group. Our source further revealed that the Presidency has dolled out a lumpsum to facilitate the movement of all the political leaders of English expression to Buea. Allegedly, the amount to be disbursed ranges from 500.000 FCFA to about 2.5 million FCFA. More so, each political leaders has been dotted with a "laisez passer", invitation to the grandstand and dinner while lodging facilities have been taken care of. 
Speculations as to whether President Biya will ask Ni John Fru Ndi's SDF to enter government abound high. However, commentators hold that the anxiety that greeted the first encounter between President Biya and Chairman Ni John Ndi cannot be the same.  A school of thought holds that this is the right time for the SDF to enter government as Kwemo and co have started wet-nosing to beg their way into government. 

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