Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reunification Celebration Gossips: Undeclared State of Emergency in Buea

Country people I salute. Accept good morning greetings from Buea. Do not ask how is Buea today morning because i will not say anything. I hope you know that when Popol moves out of Ngola, the capital moves too. So i am actually enjoying the legendary hospitality of Buea, the city of versions. I am right now somewhere called Molyko enjoying the protection of Popol’s soldier. I thought that Bagdad was the only place where you meet soldiers on the street after every 10 meters, Buea this morning is more than Bagdad. I hear all the Buea pick-pockets trans-neared to Kumba  and Limbe due to the presence of the military. Do not ask me whether it is an undeclared state of emergency. It is for the security of Popol and his Special Guests...
A Presidential insider hinted your Writam-pen today morning that Popol may receive some special guests in Buea. Yet the no one knows who the special guests are.
Have you heard from Hon. Ayah Paul? The man says Buea is under military occupation. And that he is a victim of persecution by security agents but this doesn’t bother since he knows that the God he serves will continue to protect him.
Wonders they say shall never end. I spotted Hon. Njingum Musa (the MP who speaks in tongues) trying to organize a cultural fiesta. You know ever-since Nji Fidelis was booted out of Parliament, Njingum Musa stepped into his shoes as President of the Yaounde elite group. Do you know that these Yaounde based elite(s) are really a problem to the existence of the Bamenda. I am aware you heard Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje, the talking cricket over CTV, making noise. Who told them to organize a cultural fiesta in the South West? Yanki, is seemingly getting out of ideas. Ntumfor Nico Halle is not a new name. You know the talkative President of CMF, the peace-crusader who is on tree tops calling on all those who care to listen to be peaceful. I heard him this morning over ctv radio talking and claiming a lot of importance. C’est la fete, donc peace is necessary. I really doubt whether some of them have or may have not stumbled.
As you know the entire nation is looking towards Buea as Popol is expected to deliver a keynote address. I hope he will address the issue of Anglophone marginalization that has put to question the marriage between La Republique and the Southern Cameroons. I am saying so because yesterday he declared that these celebrations are intended to make Cameroon more united. I hope you are aware of the SCNC syndrome that is threatening the very foundation of a united and indivisible Cameroon. As you all know, Popo is not only a dribbler but he is a perfect juggler that can toss several balls at the same time and catches them without one dropping off his hand. You heard him giving the reason for the remittance of prison terms. I told you that Popol is very conscious of everything that happens around him. In which language will Biya speak today in Buea. That is the question that I have been pondering over since 4am. However, that is not our interest for now. Your Writam-pen is more interested in what President Biya will say on the Anglophone problem.

But what will Popol tell Southern Cameroonians. I heard one SCNC activist around Molyko saying that he is very convinced that Popol will declare the independence of Southern Cameroons today. I have just been hinted that Popol is determined to leave Cameroon better than he found it. If he extends a hand of fellowship will the SCNC adhere to the advised that they should create political parties? Will he repeat the same statement? Will he call for dialogue? A suivre 

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