Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reunification Celebrations: Biya Dribbles Cameroonians Again

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President Biya and wife, Chantal Biya will be in Buea, today February 18, 2014, contrary to a communique announcing the visit for February 20, 2014. A second communiqué of the Civil Cabinet clearly states that the Presidential couple begins the official visit to the South West Region today. This is so because President Biya preferred to personally preside over the Reunification march in Buea, a Presidential insider hinted. However, those who were preparing to storm Buea by February 19 to receive the Presidential couple have been hooked. Notwithstanding, the local organizing committee according to what we gathered had a sleepless night yesterday trying to cut the Ts for a hitch-free celebration. It should be recalled that reunification celebrations started yesterday February 18 in the historic town of Buea with a symposium which brought on a table intellectuals who discussed on the 50 years of reunification. The symposium which took place at the University of Buea on the theme “From Reunification to Integration: 50 Years of Nation Building” was presided over by Yang Philemon, Prime Minister and Head of Government. Answering a question on whether the Cameroon Government had any intention to dialogue with SCNC, Prime Minister Philemon Yang ruled out any such dialogue until SCNC had been registered as a political party. He described the Southern Cameroons’ liberation movement as people seeking to destroy the country. “If you want to be a political party, you must let go the idea of secession”, Yang told the press.
Philemon Yang’s critics say he (Yang) failed to understand is that force has never resolved any issue as much as any quarrel ends up in a peace settlement. Another school of thought holds that no real statesman refuses to give peace a chance. 

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