Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Reunification Celebrations: What Will Biya Tell Manyu People

By Muchop Devoe
Manyu Delegation caught on camera at City Chemist-Bda
It is common that when President Biya makes an official visit to any region, expectations as to what he will say are always high. This is so because every time President Biya moves to any region, he dishes out development projects. In December 2010 during the 50th Anniversary of the Cameroon Armed Forces, Paul Biya in his speech told Northwesterners that he has decided to create the University of Bamenda. He also mentioned the tarring of the Bamenda Ring Road and the studies to harness electricity at the Menchum Water Fall. It came to passed that the University of Bamenda is operational, the tarring on the ring road is ongoing and studies on the Menchum Water Fall have been done. President Biya is in Buea for the 50th Anniversary celebration of reunification yet bookmakers have been speculating over what he will tell the people of South West especially the Manyu people. This is so because 53 years after reunification, Manyu Division in the South West Region could be likened to an Island on land. Historically, Manyu formerly Mamfe Division is one of the oldest Divisions in the country. This is perhaps the only division in the entire country that is not linked to its regional headquarters by a motorable road. Travelling from Manyu to Buea, the regional capital of the South West is not only a nightmare; but has been described as one of the darkest corners in human history in the 21st century. The Kumba-Mamfe road is not only a nightmare; because attempting it demands serious fasting and prayers. 
However, allegations abound that the contract for the construction of the road from Kumba to Mamfe was awarded in Senator Chief Tabentando’s palace in 2013. Another school holds that the contract for the construction of that road has been awarded this year. Regrettably, fears abound high in Manyu that funds allocated for the construction of this road may end up in some private pockets given the level of corruption in the country. With all the cacophony, President Biya is the only person that is expected to break the deadlock in his policy speech. Will he say I have decided to construct the road linking Kumba to Mamfe? This is the most awaited declaration Paul Biya is looked up to as he will doll out development projects for the South West Region. If President Biya forgets about the Kumba-Mamfe road, his trip to Buea would have produced no impact expressionists say.

Hopes have been dashed about the collapse of the Mamfe river seaport which disappeared just after the Union Jack was lowered in the Southern Cameroons territory. It is no more news that Biya reached Buea before the Manyu delegation. He might have been fouled by a few handpicked militants who were placarded by the people of the lie and the unfamous Manyu vuvuzelas of the Biya regime. Since truth is like a heavy load thrown into the sky that must fall, the unkown and not hidden is that Manyu Division is an island on land. If the notion that where the road passes development follows is tenable nowadays, Cameroon may emerge in 2035 without Manyu. This is not only a serious challenge to the Vision 2035, but a devastating failure on the part of its promoter, President Paul Biya, a school of thought holds. The Trans Enugu-Bamenda road is what helped the Manyu delegation to travel through Bamenda via Bafoussam, Loum before entering Buea, passing through three regions before entering to their own regional headquarters. Is President Biya aware? If yes what will he say about the Kumba-Mamfe road and if no, will he tell them that he will make sure that he will personally supervise the construction of that road like was the case with the Bamenda Ring Road in 1985?
If he says he is personally going to supervise it, then all the dreams have been dashed.

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