Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Reunification Gossips: Buea Touristic Heaven without Food, Hotels

Reunification monument 
Country people, your Writam-pen is actually in Buea enjoying the atmosphere of an undeclared state of emergency. I am sure you will be more than flabbergasted that I am enjoying part of the 25 billion FCFA Popol disbursed for this celebration. Can you imagine that when I got to Buea, I could not recognize the old Buea town? Have you had a glimpse of the Reunification monument that Popol inaugurated today? It is magnificent.  The coming of Popol has completely transformed Buea into a touristic heaven. Hotels are all full. The Presidency has privatized all the hotels. All the hand clappers have dived into Buea. Those seeking for appointments are there. They have all boycotted reunification celebrations at their various regions to go to Buea. I am sure Popol is conscious and some of them will be sanctioned. To get a place to pass a night, students have decided to transform their rooms to motels. 10.000 FCFA per night. That is where your Writam-pen found solace. Yesterday I was shocked that at the open Air Amphitheater 700, the event to showcase the cultural heritage was transformed into the singing of panegyric to Popol. Country people, I hope you all saw Fon Fobuzie of Chomba doing what he knows how to do best. Before I forget, food is as rare as dog tears in Buea. This is serious. Condoms too I hear have got finished and shopkeepers have run out of stock. You remember the famous Mboma man saga, I though it was going to scare UB girls. Yesterday night Molyko Street showed it true colours, red, blue, pink and all you can imagine.  Do you even know that to get an invitation for the dinner and grandstand Molyko is the best place? Someone just hinted me that 25.000 FCFA can afford for such a ticket.

 I hope you have heard how Popol is dishing out fiftieth anniversary gifts. He just dished out Presidential clemency to some of his former allies who were arrested and detained like Titus Edzoa and Thierry Atangana. I hope our elder brother Zacheuse Forjindam will also benefit. When the United Nation started threatening that Thierry Atanga should be freed, I knew Popol was going to succumb and was just waiting for the right opportunity. You know Buea caught cold as the Inoni factor resurfaced after that Presidential clemency. I hear Bakingili is in total silence. You know Popol also disbursed 10 million FCFA each for the Divisional Officers to ferry the population from the suburbs to Buea. The population of Bakingili have vowed that no Inoni no Bakingili in Buea to cheer Popol. But the question I keep asking is of what importance is this fiftieth anniversary when important issues affecting the marriage between Southern Cameroons and La Republic cannot be discussed. I hear the coming of Popol has finally dissolved the UBSU. I spotted John Ntarinkon with a convoy of about six cars. You know the second face-to-face  meeting with Popol may take place in Buea. SCNC is gaining steam with the arrival of Popol in Buea. Mola Njo Litumbe has not stumbled on any block. His detractors who were claiming that he was to sign a secret deal in the name of the SCNC has all been put to shame. Do you know that it is today morning that the delegation from Manyu arrived Buea? I hear the road Mamfe -Kumba is not only a nightmare but it demands prayers and fasting. Do you know that for someone in Manyu to get to Buea, that person has to pass through three other regions before getting to his/her own regional capital. Well, i hope Popol will pity them this time. If not i see no reason why we should be celebrating 5o years of reunification when Manyu Division is an island on land. Am sure if Popol has anything for the people of the South West, it should be the construction of the Kumba-Mamfe road. You remember what he said in Bamenda during the 50th Anniversary of the Armed Forces, he dolled out projects including the University of Bamenda..

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