Saturday, February 22, 2014

Southern Cameroons Independence Recognized

By Ayah Paul

The President of la Republique du Cameroun told the world on December 31, 2009, that the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Independence of la Republique du Cameroun was “a prelude” to the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of “Reunification”. Otherwise put, the main event was the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of “Reunification”. 
We tell no tale that some ten foreign heads of state attended the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of la Republique du Cameroun. That event being a mere “curtain raiser”, (a prelude, if that is preferable), it goes without saying that the presence of a bigger number of foreign heads of state at the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of “Reunification” would be as of course. But what was the reality on the ground when the day did come? 
Not only did not even a single foreign head of state attend the said celebration, but even a single junior member of staff of any one international organization did not attend. And apart from a handful of junior members of staff of an insignificant number of foreign embassies who were in Buea, perhaps, for sight-seeing or out of curiosity, foreign ambassadors boycotted the event in a manner most telling. The reasons are clear and unambiguous!
It would be remembered that Southern Cameroonian leaders did serve a letter on virtually all embassies in Yaounde, the Capital of la Republique du Cameroun, and on international organizations worldwide, urging them not to attend the fictitious occasion on their land. The letter was thorough that Southern Cameroons is a contiguous country to la Republique du Cameroun; and that the leader of that country had no jurisdiction over their land. In keeping with that letter and in recognition that southern Cameroons is a country in its own right, foreign heads of state have boycotted the event just as much as international organizations that were duly notified.
All that is now left for Southern Cameroonian leaders to do expeditiously is to form a government and consolidate the recognition so peacefully and legally acquired! They may wish to take note that no moment can ever be more propitious! What transpired during the “event” is not any less telling!
The few misguided Southern Cameroonians who, with avidity for food and drink, attended the occasion, are exceedingly furious, smarting from their mistreatment of having been lodged in dusty classrooms without beds, water, toilets, food or drinks instead of the three-star hotels promised them. Nor are they any less trembling with anger that the money promised them did truly cascade freely down like manna from heaven before their own eyes, only to mysteriously and miraculously land on the highest rung down to the rung where mayors did spread impermeable nets horizontally from Lake Chad to the sea, and from the east side of the “triangle” to the west side, without more. 
Above all, confounded by their own baby-demons, the repressive organizers of the occasion shut down all eating houses, all bakeries, all bars, in short, all business premises, all day, unleashing excruciating hunger and thirst on the commoners! By Jove! “See me Lakayana with my spear”! Where was even water? … And to crown it all, all taxis were grounded! No water; no food; no beer from Brasseries do Cameroun; no means of transport!

Mr and Mrs. Southern Cameroons! No sleep again oh! Remember late Nico Mbarga him record: “Opportunity comes but once, in this wold, iyeeeeeeeeh”!

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