Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Teachers' Trade Unions Announce Endless Strike

Press Release

Dear colleagues,
After 24 months of negotiation within the ad-hoc committee put in place by the Prime Minister Head of
Government, to assess and propose solutions to the numerous problems of teachers, these negotiations led to several accords and elaborated several texts. These were submitted since April 2012 for signature to the
highest hierarchy. The Prime Minister has signed the text regulating the awards of academic distinctions to
teachers while the other texts are at the level of the presidency.
The most important among those waited are: the text to raise the index bar for the teaching corps, the
integration of Sports and Physical Education teachers as well as Youth and Sports animators into the
ministries of education, the integration of all contract teachers in Basic and Secondary Education, and
the text to raise the research and documentation allowances in the teaching corps.
With the intentional delay in signing the above texts, Teachers’ Trade Unions in Cameroon have
observed with dismay:
- The laxity of the Presidency of the Republic towards teachers’ problems and Education in Cameroon.
This is in sharp contrast to the Head of State’s habitual swiftness in solving the problems of other public
service corps.
- That government is exploiting the fact that teachers may not be able to mobilise to solve their problems.
The Teachers’ Trade Unions call on the teaching and administrative personnel of the teaching corps
to voice out their dissatisfaction. They are called to do so by:
1) Suspending work twice from the 17th to the 22nd of February 2014 and from April 28th to May 2nd
2) Withholding marks for the 4th, 5th and 6th sequential tests as well as other administrative documents.
Specific actions shall be taken at the appropriate moment with regards to official examinations
Dear Comrades, dear colleagues,
The solutions to our problems and above all to the problems of Education in our country, will depend upon
your massive response to this collective call

It is now or never!!!
One for All, All for One!!!
On behalf of teachers’ trade unions in Cameroon,
Fait à Yaoundé le 30 janvier 2014

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