Saturday, March 22, 2014

100 Days of Ngabir Paul as Mayor Nkambe: Will the Population Regret Choice of Mayor?

On March 24, 2014, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM in Nkambe will be celebrating the 29th Anniversary of the birth of the party. One of the key points of that celebration will be the speech of the mayor of Nkambe council, Ngabir Paul Bantar. It is expected that the CPDM mayor of Nkambe will give a clear balance sheet of his 100 days in office. This is so because the first 100 days of the mayor are very crucial given that he is the guarantor of development. Yet speculations as to what Ngabir Paul Bantar, CPDM mayor for Nkambe will give as his balance sheet abound high. During the September 30, 2013 Municipal Elections, the CPDM made some political pledges amongst which were the improvement of access to water in Nkambe town, the putting in place of street lights, the construction of the Nkambe main market just to name the few.
Expectedly, the population of the municipality and especially Nkambe town have been looking forth to the CPDM mayor to swing into action immediately if not set the pace during the first 100 days. Whether this has been the case or not remains another mystery that only the mayor, his deputies and councilors will tell the population. From what we observed, Nkambe town is still begging and waiting for the day that it main street shall get the taste of the political promise. As for the issue of water, access to potable water in Nkambe town is entering record books as the population would go for days without little drops. As for the Nkambe market, it is seemingly begging for a municipal clemency. The question which abound high in the lips of everyone in the municipality is whether the mayor would make another promise. But will Ngabir Paul Bantar even care to justify to the population why the sing-song slogan of electrifying streets in Nkambe could not happen within his first 100 days? Will he also care to tell the population why he has not been able to hold just a single staff meeting with council workers, just for acquaintance sake? And what will he tell those who have submitted documents for recruitment at the Nkambe council on grounds that they too need compensation for political leniency as well as the drivers who refused to pay council levies on purely political grounds. These and more other questions will find an answer on March 24th when the mayor of Nkambe will present his balance sheet. A suirve

(Coming Up: Untold Facts about Ngabir’s 100 Days at the Helm of Nkambe Council and Population Rating of his First 100 Days)

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