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Ako: At CPDM MP’s Homecoming, SDF Mayor Creates the Unpredicted

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Hon. Abe Michael Ndra
When CPDM Senator for Bui Division Eno Ema Lafon staged her homecoming in Kumbo last year, she was received by the mayor of Jakiri, Shang Lawrence. The reason was that the Mayor of Kumbo Council, Njong Donatus was of the opposition Social Democratic Front-SDF. Shang Lawrence then CPDM Mayor for Jakiri was preferred to deliver the welcome speech. In Nkambe Central, when the population organized a civic reception for Hon. Awudu Mbaya, SDF Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre Constituency and Questor at the National Assembly, the Mayor of Nkambe Council boycotted the event. The raison d'être of the boycott was vivid given that the Mayor of Nkambe is of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM while the MP is of the opposition SDF. The above two cases are just a few in hundreds of cases that demonstrate how much the political divide has chopped into the minds of politicians especially in the North West Region.
However, the SDF Mayor of Ako Council in Donga Mantung Division, created the unexpected today March 22, 2014 when he and his deputies stormed the Ako Grandstand to receive Hon. Abe Michael Ndra, CPDM MP for Ako/Misaje Special Constituency. When Akio Augustine and his deputies stormed the ceremonial ground dressed in official sashes, promoters of political hatred went short of breath. Some of sank onto their chairs as if the world has suddenly come to an end. The euphoria that saluted his entry into the ceremonial ground was indicative that the population was disgust with divisive politics. Hon. Abe Michael Ndra and Akio Augustine though from different political parties have demonstrated that politics is aimed at fostering development and not to divide people, says CPDM militant whose name I got as Jacob. In his welcome speech, Akio Augustine told the population that he is not the mayor of the SDF party but mayor of Ako Council. He also reminded the population that Hon. Abe Michael Ndra is MP for Ako/Misaje and not for the CPDM. “Eventhough we are from different political parties, as elected officials we are bound by our positions to work together for the interest of the population”, he continued. “I had tried getting to the MP but certainly blocked by those who think we are enemies whereas our objectives are the same. And if I shy away, how then can we develop this municipality. The MP is for the Nation and I am on the spot, so we have to work as a team to succeed”. The traces of sadness and despair that was visible on the faces of political monsters disappeared suddenly as the mayor argued that time for campaigns are over and it is now time for them to work for the betterment of all.
MP and Mayor burying political hatred they almost inherited
On his part, the Member of Parliament for the Ako/Misaje Special Constituency accepted the hand of fellowship extended by the opposition mayor. In his speech, Hon. Abe Michael Ndra said it is high time to set aside political leniency and work for the common good of everyone. “Politics is to bring development and not for self-aggrandizement”, he echoed. Hon. Abe Michael also called on the population to support him and the SDF Mayor so that they can succeed in their objectives which is to foster development. “If I am not in talking terms with my brother the mayor, how do you expect us to bring development? You need to support us and encourage us because if tomorrow we fail in our duties, the blame will go to all of you and if we work in disperse ranks, development will suffer”. He also promised that with the collaboration of the mayor, they will set up a community library which will serve the entire municipality. Hon. Abe also told the population that during his first 100 days in Parliament, he was making a micro-project. “I have already started giving out support to nursery and primary schools and I know that no sector will be left” he emphasized. As a reminded, he said that the job of the MP is to vote better laws. “I am expecting to get contributions from you people so that I can better present a picture of our needs to government, know where to lobby for what and when?”
Hon. Abe Michael and Mayor Akio Augustine
CPDM Sector President Hon. JK Ntoi on his part thanked the living forces of Ako/Misaje who voted Hon. Abe Michael to go to Parliament. He called for all political parties in Ako, CPDM, SDF,NUDP and ANDP to be totally united in the purpose of development. Hon. JK Ntoi also used the opportunity to thank President Paul Biya for the lift he has given to Ako Sub Division in terms of development. He called on Hon. Abe Michael to transform the various sectors of the sub division so much so that he can check poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases. He reminded the MP that he is married to two wives, Ako and Misaje and that he should keep the two jealously to avoid any problem. As a link to government, the CPDM section President called on the man who just entered his shoes to seek solution to the following perennial problems:
Farms to Market Roads: The sub division should be totally disenclaved considering the risk as a border location.
Education: Existing Basic and secondary schools be adequately staffed and necessary infrastructure provided by government, science equipment be provided at GHS Ako and also raise it to a Bilingual high school.
Administration: With its vastness, Ako sub division be raised to a full fledge Division with accompanying sub divisions in Kuta, Lower Mbembe, Upper Mbembe and Pooh Akooh.
Land disputes: Our municipality has protracted unrsolved land cases with Misaje sub Division at Tumbo in Akwenko and Nkamb Central Sub Division at Tungande and Tumbo in Akwaja.
Agriculture: Considering that the population of Ako is mostly farmers, more staff be posted to the various agric posts.
Health: The District hospital Ako and existing health units of Kuta, Jevi, Berabe, Akwaja, Buku and Abuenshie be properly staffed and equipped. Government should build a health unit at Assa village and environs.
Housing: Governmeent should build befitting structures for the veterinary centre Ako and Costumes Abuenshie.
Service Vehicles: These should be provided for the district hospital Ako, Frontier police Ako AND Inspectorate of Basic Education, GHS Ako and GTHS Ako.
Unprotected Timber Exploitation: Timber in the forest of our border villages with Nigeria is being illegally exploited and taken to Nigeria unchecked.
Farmer/Grazier Problems: Farmers every year are victims of destruction to their farms caused by cattle rearers on transhumance. This has persistently remained unchecked.
Security: Because of the porous nature of our borders with Nigeria, more elements be posted to the police, Gendarmerie and BIR.

Fanfare at Hon. Abe's homecoming
Identification Post: These should be creatd in Ako town, Upper Mbembe and enclaved Kuta. Lack of this results to low voters registration. 
Political commentators are of the opinion that the unexpected created by the mayor of Ako and the MP for the Ako/Misaje Special Constituency is a lesson to many a politician in the North West Region. A school of thought holds that a new breed of politician with character and conscience has seen the day in Ako and the yesteryear's political divide has been buried for good. 

Coming up: Pictures of the Homecoming and the symbolic decoration of Hon. Abe Michael

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