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Bamenda II Council: Obnoxious Plans by Outside Agitators Against Mayor Balick Unmasked

By Baweson Ndi
Mayor Balick Awah victim of blackmail or political anarchy?
Thomas Hobbes, the 17th Century English Philosopher in his classical work Lorianthan wrote that whenever a city is caught between the evil of people who do bad for the sake of it, it results to hatred and victimization. In such a situation Thomas Hobbes emphasized that men will spare at nothing to give a dark impression of others creating a “state of nature” where everyone is enemy to every person. “There is no place for growth because the fruit thereof is uncertain and consequently no culture of the earth, nastiness and worst of all, fear, poverty, character assassination and terror” he lamented. Hobbes who at the time of his writing was more concerned with the chaos human behavior would create to destroy others believed that it is the duty of the state to intervene in order to curb Frankenstein monsters –like from ruining society.
Bridge allegedly not back-filled yet this picture shows that the job was completed
I do not know whether the Bamenda II council area where Balick Awah Fidelis is a perfect Hobbesian jungle, it is probably the closest description to it that exists in Cameroon.  Funny municipality! But what lesson of this? Almost certainly, the onslaught backstabbing to assassinate the character of Mayor Balik Awah Fidelis can only be captured through his trappings that have gave his detractors sleepless nights. While today the word Balick evokes images of a transformed Bamenda II municipality, something quite different and something almost honest and gentle, his political detractors have swung into action inviting CONAC. The spirit of honesty that was applauded by FEICOM Director recently given the mayor’s efforts of putting in place a befitting council hall for Bamenda II could be seen as the bone of contention. Yet the man who is governed by the Levantine spirit of Mankon and nation building is being backstabbed simply because he ignored the call that men could be broken from others. This is Bamenda II municipality at its best-a plural society where a group of misguided individuals want to excel in the trade of backstabbing and blackmail. While Mayor Balick is working hard for the municipality to grow and jointly emerge with Cameroon by 2035, prophets of doom “outside agitators alias petition writers" wielding the butchering knife want to take him from behind. “Whenever I think of the trappings of our mayor, I am reminded of the improvement of the road network in the municipality. But what I read in a newspaper on an alleged complain to CONAC about the roads we praised our mayor severally during council sittings was shocking. I am tempted to say that it is a form of political sabotage that we need to chisel out from under the scar” remarked a councilor of the Bamenda II Council. It is said that some men are born to time that they cannot change. Ironically, Balick Awah Fidelis from what we gathered from the inhabitants of Bamenda II council is a good man born in a very bad neigbourhood. In fact, an optimistic soul born to a bad time which is characterized by backstabbing and blackmail which he (himself) cannot change. Yet his optimism towards society has been directed towards his work as Mayor of Bamenda II Council in the city of version. Yet, a visit to some of the projects which the mayor’s detractors described as uncompleted portrayed that the present state of nature has transformed the municipality into weed and not flower. Give it just the slightest ray of sunshine and the thinnest drop of water like what Mayor Balick is doing and it will shoot up and multiply between the cracks of Bamenda rubbles.
Ntatru road (mile 8 mkt) road well graded
The Eye is aware that all the road rehabilitation projects in the Bamenda II municipality were a resounding success. A newspaper report insinuating the CONAC has been invited to investigate the rehabilitation of some roads in Bamenda II was an embarrassment to the inhabitants. Allegedly, Bamenda II mayor had received congratulatory messages from various quarters including the management of Step by Step (Step by Step-Matgenie road) for rehabilitating their road. In our investigation, we visited the Musang-Mankon road, Ntatru-Mankon, Backfilled Bridge behind Radio Hot Cocoa and Nitop I neigbourhood. The most intriguing thing is that the purported complaint against Balick Awah indicates that the mayor had issued fake contracts to fake companies that exist only on paper. This is intriguing because fake companies don’t execute contracts yet the same complaint indicates that some of the projects were not completed. The question therefore of fake is nullified.  However, all attempts to get to the mayor for his own side of the untold story were fruitless. Yet The Eye gathered from reliable sources that Mayor Balick is a victim of the Mbachongwa factor and seemingly scape-goated on grounds that he is a stumbling block to the emergence of the Mbachongwa council reasons why the scheming has resurfaced after the first attempt flopped woefully. It is even alleged that during the senatorial election, a politician in Bamenda II (name withheld) stormed the council to check in proxy by one councilor who had flown out of the country. The same fellow was already on treetops accusing Balick Awah of fake signature etc. It is also aired that the false alarm was raised by a handful of petition writers who see nothing good in any thing except in the form of bread on their own tables.

The Bamenda II council as indicated has been transformed by outside agitators into a sinkhole of character assassination. 

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