Friday, March 21, 2014

Chantier Naval: Antoine Bikoro Sacked

History, they say repeat itself in strange ways. The real Chantier Naval which Forjindam left behind is a shattered dream today. When Antoine Bikoro like a poker player arrived Chantier Naval, the place was booming. He thought he would play the poker to defeat the long established conventional wisdom that the same causes produce same effects as well as eradicate the fact that those who destroy others in order to rise will meet the same fate at their destinations. But little did he know that poker is a funny game. You can be winning all night long and then comes the final time. You get overconfident, so you bet the pot on four kings. It is virtually a sure winner, like Bikoro you tell yourself. Suddenly, the dealer smiles at you and says he wants another card. Right before your eyes he draws a card from the bottom of the deck and lays his hands on the table: four aces. Antoine Bikoro, the man considered as the brain behind the anarchic arrest of Zacheusse Forjindam has lost his shirt at Chantier Naval. Antoine Bikoro Alo’o who thought he would bet on four kings in the Chantier Naval poker house has finally resigned himself to the four aces. This is so because in the Chantier Naval poker when he thought that pot was at stake that was when the rules went out through the window. Remember that Antoine Bikoro Alo’o appeared in Chantier Naval like a rock star. But his poor managerial skills left him in the midst of the game he thought he could mastermind. The only rules that remained were those hunting him which was no rules at all. Bikoro has been topped with four king aces, which he could not pull from the bottom of the deck. It is no more news that last week, he was sacked but as to what treatment he deserves, classified sources say government is preparing to tell him sooner or later that in poker, the sheriff is own by the state. Which way takes him either to Kondengui or New Bell.

While some high profile prisoners recently graduated from the Kondengui and New Bell prisons thanks to the Presidential clemency, the doors of these prisons have been flanked open to receive new inmates. It is uncertain that one of those who New Bell awaits is Antoine Bikoro, a classified source at the Presidency hinted. It should be noted that Biya recently decided to stop the cacophony at Chantier Naval. When he pulled a sheriff on Antoine Bikoro, he appointed a foreigner at the helm yet it did not work. Finally, he has flanked the door open for Bikoro to quit the poker house (declaring the game over) and putting in two other Cameroonians to make an attempt to rescue the sinking ship. The problem at Chantier Naval started on May 27, 2008 which Bikoro pulled a fast one on Forjindam. Forjindam was dismissed, arrested and was later sentenced with his belongings confiscated. The early morning poker player was catapulted and hailed by workers. But this was short lived. Barely few months, workers were already on strike. Revenue started dwindling and President suspected something ugly and appointed Korean Moon Kwi-Ho General Manager Delegate. Ceaseless strikes could not permit Moon to produce the expected results. Two years after, another Korean by name Seoung Rok was appointed. After witnessing three workers stikes, Rok resigned abrely a year after. As a remedy, President Biya a week ago appointed two Cameroonians to lord over Chantier Naval. Bernard Biyaha’a cadre at SNH and Roland Maxin, another cadre at MINEPAT are the ones to manage the structure. By the appointment, Biya also dismissed the almighty Antoine Bikoro. News about Bikoro meeting Forjindam who he plotted his down-fall looms large. But would he apologize to Forjindam?

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