Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Extraordinary Woman: Meet Yaah Patience Tamfu; The Woman Emancipator

Patience Tamfu

By FC Junior
If there is any area in Cameroon where the Beijing platform can be assessed, it is in the domain of politics  and economic sphere which was formerly a no go zone for the woman. Yaah Patience Tamfu is one of the few female politician who has shown that women in leadership could mean a lot to Cameroon. Ever since this daughter of the great statesman, late Hon. SN Tamfu became the sparkling flicker, the ever first woman to strengthen the CPDM party in the United State of America, she has become a symbol that women in leadership position is worth celebrating. Hitherto considered a no go zone for women, Yaah Patience Tamfu has not only dismantled the male barriers constructed round politics but has more importantly serve as a woman emancipator. And that she is the WCPDM President in the USA is a fact and that evidences are rife that she campaigned tirelessly for President Biya to win in Diasporas during the last Presidential elections is an indisputable evidence .
Since her election into the national Bureau of the CPDM,-Central Committee, Patience Tamfu had helped a great deal in transforming President Biya’s policy of greater ambitions to greater achievements in the Diasporas. Even though she lives in the USA, she remains approachable. She talks and acts with dogged friendliness reasons why she is loved and appreciated by all the young men, elders and young women in Mbumland.
Yet, it is these qualities which incalculably complement her multifarious roles in Mbum land, Donga Mantung Division, North West and Cameroon as a whole. Her savoir-faire in politics and the way she interacts with others has earned her many recognition. It was not by error that she was voted as "Woman of Year" in 2012 by readers of The Eye newspaper. In the US where she lives, she was also recognized by her employer as well as the various communities due to her leadership skills. 
This is so because she is a bulk of talent, intelligent and a woman who lives in every other person’s problem. Hard work and efficiency have continued to be the qualities that define her. Whenever you meet her for the first time, you are taken by her mastery of issues.  Take it as arrogance and you are right for this is positive arrogance that enables that job for which she does is done correctly. It is this positive arrogance she reads widely and interacts with all the set of people in society.
Notwithstanding, she has the drive and dedication that defies any facile explanations. Born into the family of late Hon. SN Tamfu, she was brought up in close knit family in the fear of the God. In later life she could not escape to be a workaholic or become a politician par excellence reasons she is looked up to as the woman who can inspire many young girls and build society.

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