Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hon. Awudu Mbaya Catapulted

By Haruna Mohammadou
Hon. Awudu Mbaya receiving  ancestral blessings
There was euphoria and seventh heaven at the Mbot Palace in the presence of SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi who was flanked by the Lamido of Ngandal (Ngoundere). The moment was reserved to give honourable blessing to a man of honour, Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian for being a development catalyst for the people of Donga Mantung Division. Trumpet blast there was and singing and dancing too.
When HRH Fon Mbunwe II of Mbot, Warr Clan head, took to the rostrum to perform the traditional rite, there was total silence in the courtyard except for the lone bird that was singing an appreciative note from the near by forest. The Fon of Mbot expressed gratitude to the National Chairman of the SDF for the trust that he had given to one of his subjects, Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian. He said that in his capacity as the head of the Warr people in Donga Mantung Division, he (the fon of Mbot) was performing an act of recognition as prescribed by the ancestors stating that the royal blessing that he will give to Hon. Awudu Mbaya is in line with the ancestral belief and command.
“Your forehead will shine and when you hit your toe on a stone, let the stone be destroyed”. After a call the ancestral line, and requesting for the protection, he moved forth to bless Hon. Awudu Mbaya. Touched by the magnitude of the power of the ancestors, the Fon of Mbot also blessed Hon. Esther Ngala Ntala, Mayor Njong Donatus, Bunyui Emmanuel (Mayor of Ndu), Dr. Tandap (NEC Member), The District Chairman for Kumbo, Pa Atekwana, Mangoh Jones Tanko, Nfor Balerie, Hilary Manjong and others.
Speaking on behalf of Warr elite at that grandiose Mangoh Jones Tanko thanked Ni John Fru and the SDF party for raising Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian. Former Mayor of Nkambe also said that in the past Donga Mantung Division has had very noisy politicians yet non them never did what Hon. Awudu has done for the
Awudu Mbaya receiving royal blessing
Division and continues to do for the Division. More so, Mangoh Jones also said that no Parliamentarian in the Division has never ever been raised to the post of Questor at the National Assembly except Hon. Awudu Mbaya. As history teacher, Mangoh Jones Tanko said that the Mbot people were the first that migrated to the Nkambe plateau. Founded around the 16th century by Manikho who was a healer later extended to be what is today known as the Warr Clan. He said Manikho did not hesitate to give any of young family member’s autonomy as soon as his families grow. More so, the Warr people bloodline extends to Bum village in Bum Sub Division, Nkor in Noni sub Division and Kumbo (Fai Ndzemdzen). He said that historically, the Warr people were the first group to settle in the Nkambe plateau. Politically, Mangoh Jones also revealed the fon of Mbot was the first traditional ruler in Donga Mantung Division to go to the House of Chiefs of the then West Cameroon.  

Ni John Fru Ndi, said he was touched by the fact that the Warr people have kept their traditional values in tact. He said that he would stand against anyone that wants to destroy the grassfeild tradition. “It is part of us, our identity and our culture”. SDF Chieftain lamented if during that occasion he was in his usual traditional regalia, it is because some traditional rulers have been accomplices in destroying our tradition. “We did not make them fons to crown others fon of fons”, SDF chairman concluded. 

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