Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I will Spend my Last Blood to Fight for Anglophones-Fru Ndi

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Fru Ndi addressing the crowd at Mbot Palace
The chairman of the leading opposition in Cameroon has declared that he will spend the last blood of his life to fight for the Anglophones. Ni John Fru Ndi, chairman of the Social Democratic Front-SDF made the declaration on March 10, 2014 while addressing over 5000 Wimbum people at the Mbot Palace. Ni John Fru Ndi who was at Mbot Palace, Donga Mantung to pay homage to the departed Warr Clan head and also welcome to the seated Fon Mbunwe II also used the opportunity to extend a hand of fellowship to the Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC, arguing that the time to press Biya for Constitutional Review is Now. “We will press from all the angles” he continued. Harping on the need for constitutional review SDF National chairman said that when the SDF requested for a federal system of governance in Cameroon, Biya looked the other way round and flashed the country with decentralization which today has been unable to move a step.  According to Ni John Fru Ndi, the peace that Cameroonians have enjoyed for the past 53 years is thanks to the Anglophones given all French colonies Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Egypt, etc, have recorded chaos. Yet he emphasized that dark clouds hang over Cameroon.
On the fiftieth anniversary celebration of reunification, SDF Chieftain lamented that what he saw in Buea was a disgrace to the dignity of those fought for the reunification of Cameroon. He said he was shocked and flabbergasted that the heroes of reunification like Amadou Ahidjo, JN Foncha, ST Muna, Endeley, JT Ndzi (citing a long list of names) were all ignored and unfortunately “nameless”. ”Not even one effigy of them was displayed during the march-pass”, he continued. Ni John also narrated a scenario how Presidential guards wanted to scan him before he could enter into the grandstand. He revealed that the Biya regime is so panicking to the point that they are even afraid of telephones. “They even asked me whether I was having a phone on me. When I say yes, they requested that I should give them. I gave and they latter gave it back. You see the regime is so shaky that they are even scared of telephones. I am not a security risk in this country”. In actual fact, SDF Chieftain in a way was telling the population that there was nothing in Buea that portrayed that Cameroonians were one nation and indivisible. He said that he even rejected the seat reserved for given that they wanted to bury him behind CERAC women. And more so, they reserved a room that was synonymous to a toilet for him to stay the night and his private secretary rejected. To cut it short, the fiftieth anniversary of reunification to him was a sham that calls for an urgent need for the Anglophone dignity to be recognized constitutionally or else he would spend the last blood of his life to fight for it.
It should be recalled that in 2011, Fru Ndi in an outburst at the Supreme after all petitions on the irregularities of that year’s Presidential elections were rejected reminded Alex Dipanda Mouelle that what was transpiring was not what was agreed in 1961.
On the September 30, 2013 local elections, SDF chairman said he felt very sorry and disappointed that in Donga Mantung some people reduced themselves to selling their consciences for 500 FCFA, 1000 FCFA and 2000 FCFA. “When somebody steals my item, I do not run after him fighting, I only sit and observed to see what he/she will do with the stolen item”. He reiterated that SDF militants should not wept over the stolen Nkambe council rather they should sit and observe at what those who stole it obnoxiously will do with it.
To the Mbot people, Fru Ndi the fon disappeared like a pupa and resurfaced back in the throne like a butterfly and he applauded them for that. He told Fon Mbunwe II that his reign should be that of plenty and prosperity. “I am admired your tradition and that is why every time I go for a cry-die I would fire my gun. It is part of our tradition and I think anyone who wants to destroy this tradition will have to destroy me first”, he hammered.
On his part Hon. Awudu Mbaya thanked the SDF chieftain for the homage paid to the people of Warr. He said that Ni John Fru Ndi has not only raised him but the entire Wimbum people given that he is Questor at the National Assembly. Hon. Awudu also thanked SDF National chairman for the fight he took for part of the ring road to be tarred. “Your Excellency, I was lucky to be present when you told President Biya that he promised tarring this road and he said he will do it. And you even questioned where he was going to get the money given that nothing was mentioned in the tarring of the ring road in the budget”. Hon. Awudu said that even though construction work has not reached Donga Mantung, the fact that the tarring is getting to Kumbo is already a great deal to the people of Donga Mantung Division. Harping on the September 30, Twin elections, he lamented how people stormed Nkambe to buy peoples’ consciences with money and how cards were printed and shared. To Hon. Awudu, the elections were a masquerade of the highest order with the complicity of elections Cameroon. This, he said could easily be detected from the conflicting figures, such as the difference in the total number of registered voters for municipal and legislative election result sheets, in polling stations with out-numbered voters etc.
Mangoh Jones Tanko, former mayor of Nkambe said that the Mbot people had long fallen in love with the SDF but during last year’s election, some people refused registering. Out of the potential 7500 voters, only about 2000 voters registered. “It means that there was something wrong going on” he insisted. He said that politics has made people to be so hopeless that they went as far as buying votes.
HRH Fon Mbunwe was disturbed at the manner at which traditional rulers have entered into partisan politics.

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