Monday, March 3, 2014

Latest Gossips from Camer: Like Titus Edzoa like Madiba?

Titus Edzoa
Country people, how was your weekend. In fact I was contemplating over the 5th anniversary of the February 1998 strike. Thank God it came and passed without any noise. However, i am back in the boot again after a stressful week with our "royal beggars" not leaving my phone to rest. I hope you all heard what Ntumfor Nico Halle said concerning Anglophones. The man said that Anglophones are not each others keepers because they are the first and the worst enemy. I first thought that Ntumfor is becoming a problem and not a solution but just few days after Popol left Buea, it came to passed that Ntumfor was as accurate as a mathematician. As God would make it, before your Writam-pen could call Ntumfor to explain why he said so, our “royal beggars” were already at each others’ throats because of gombo. The South West Chiefs Conference went incomatoes with Fako Chiefs bagging out of the South West Chiefs Conference. Popol just throw so few grains of corn on them and a serious fight erupted. Fako Chiefs say they are being marginalized. I hear Popol gave them 1000 batons and they ignored Fako Chiefs in the sharing. When your Writam-pen contacted Fon Fontem, President of South West Chiefs Conference, he said that he has not received any official notification on the issue.
North West fons on the other hand are on each others throat after the gift handed to Popol by Fon Teche. I hear, they almost exchange blows the other day when fon Teche insulted his SG as a “frustrated idiot”. Don’t you see that Ntumfor was right to say that Anglophones pass their time fighting each others?  
Who said Popol is not a very smart fellow. Popol has again outsmarted the Iyebos on the Titus and Thierry Atangana saga to graduate the two personalities from Youma. Titus told RFI that his graduation was thanks to France’s Sakor and Hollando. I hear him on RFI. The man back paddled and is pouring all the panegyrics on earth on Popol. He even organized a press briefing yesterday and I am asking who may have concocted it?  Poor Mouchipou is out of youma too. I watched him over CTV praising Popol for the clemency just like Titus. I don bad for Camer here. Titus now says that his arrest was political motivated. So what about Thierry the French man?  Is Titus stepping to Madiba’s shoes as the acclaimed prisoner? Now what about the gombo that they pocketed? While Titus’ home is being guarded by Bees, his partner in crime Thierry boycotted his family home and slept at the French Embassy. He left for France the next day where he was given a heroic reception. Titus and others concocted a press briefing in which he told Cameroonians that he is a cock and that sparrow hawk flies too low and only catches chicks. A suirve!!
Popol I hear has suspended the signatures of his cabinet ministers. Seemingly, Popol will break the inertia this week by appointing a new cabinet. Will he maintain Yanki or replace him with a woman to enable women celebrate women day in grand style. But who will Popol appoint pioneer female PM, Mafor Yaah Ama, Ema Lafon, Regina Mundi, Dorothy Djeuma, Hon Lifaka or Mafor Achidi Achu Judith? O halala!! Vivre la femme!!
Country people, this week is going to be another kaba week. You know March 8, is around the corner and some feminists would be asking their husband to cook for the family. Scarcity of women rapper has been emitted and if you haven’t got one for your baby, do it before it becomes late. Let’s only put it into prayers that our wives will return home that day. As for me, I have just told my wife to start cooking for that day the day before because if she thinks that I will cook for the family, I may surely send her back to the mother to teach her manners. I saw a mayor of the West rgion who bought over 300 rappers and shared to the women. That man is a real gentleman. How will these women not vote him back to the council? Bravo lord mayor.
Do you know that late CPDM critical mind, the young man who lived and died to the dictates of his conscience left a list of CPDM gurus that should not attempt to participate in his funeral celebration? Masanga, has promised to reveal the list of names Charles Ateba Eyene declared persona non-grata at his burial. There is panic in Ngola ahead the publication of the list.

Balikumbat is on the news again. Your Writam-pen git classified info that tension escalidated again this week between Bambalang and Balikumbat villages in Ngoketunjia. Remember some years ago, the two villages clashed and it resulted to untold damages including human lives. Sadi Rene I hear may make a trip to the disputed piece of land between Bambalang and Balikumbat this week. 

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