Wednesday, March 5, 2014

List of Personalities Banned by Charles Ateba Eyene at his Burial Out

Ateba Eyene : The man who lived to the dictates of his conscience
According to a French newspaper "Le Soir" Pr Messanga Nyamding who promised to publish the list of personalities that Charles Ateba Eyene declared non-grata at his burial knew too much of the life of Charles Ateba Eyene, which would have almost said all current and futuristic misfortunes. Charles Ateba Eyene of regretted memory it should be noted had accustomed Cameroonians to prophetic visions. In this respect, allegations abound that he did not want his nuclear family to organize his funeral reasons why Charles Ateba Eyene has left his home and funeral to Professor Messanga Nyamding. A week ago, Prof. Massanga threatened that he was going to make public the list of personalities Ateba Eyene before passing on told him that they should participate in his funeral from far or near. According to "Le Soir" the personalities are:-
an Fabien Monkam 

- Jean Nkuété 

- Grégoire Owona 

- Moukoko Mbonjo 

- Madeleine Tchuinté 

- Elise Mballa 

- Ama Tutu Muna 

- Simon Meyanga 

- Laurent Esso 

- Odile Ngaska 

- Thierry Ngongang

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