Monday, March 17, 2014

SOCAM Saga: Supreme Court Vindicates Ama Tutu Muna

Ama Tutu Muna
The tussle as to who is the Board Chair of Cameroon Music Corporation SOCAM has partially been laid to rest. This is so because the lawsuit filed by ace Musician Ndedi Eyango requesting on the Supreme Court to overrule a decision by Arts and Culture Minister rejecting his election as Board Chairman of SOCAM was thrown out of court. The decision which many thought would quench the brouhaha between Arts and Culture Minister Ama Tutu Muna, and ace Cameroonian born musician Ndedi Eyango is seemingly a partial antidote to the crisis. Purportedly, Ndedi Eyango’s lawyers have vowed that they will not take the decision down low. Classified sources hinted at weekend that Ndedi Eyango has also vowed that the matter is yet from over. Allegedly Ndedi Eyango says he will seize the competent jurisdiction that has the competence to hear the matter pertaining to nationality. It should be recalled that Ndedi Eyango was voted Board chair of SOCAM in November but on December 23, 2013, Ama Muna signed a decision in which she declared Ndedi Eyango was not a Cameroonian. Yet, Ndedi Eyango hammered that Ama Tutu Muna did not have the loco standi on his nationality. Minister Ama Muna went ahead to set up a normalization Committee headed by San Fan Thomas. Since then, dark clouds have been hanging over who is the Board chair of SOCAM. 

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