Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time is the Suspect: Latest Gossips from Cameroon (Writam-pen Breaks Silence)

Country people, I am sure you must have been asking whether your Writam-pen also kicked the bucket like Ndinga Man, Charlo Ateba, Cathy Abene and others whose time the Almighty decided was the best on earth and they had to quit the scene for good. To be candid, your Writam-pen was really annoyed to the point that he decided to observe a month of silence. You know people are fun of observing minutes of silence but as for me, since I always like to make the difference, I went in for month of silence for the departed ones.
Do you know that rumours killed Garga Haman? Poor Garga! You know sometimes ago when the same rumours killed Popoul, he told Cameroonians that those who want to chop corn and drink mimbo at his cry-die will wait for 20 years to see it happen. Since Garga has been mute over the issue, let me tell Garga’s detractors that those who want him dead will have to wait for 50 years to see it happen.  It seems death has found Cameroon very fertile and doesn’t want to go anyway. “I beg die, leave Cameroon, w don over suffer for this two months”. Can you imagine that in two months Cameroon has lost over 13 great people? But what is happening? Can someone help? Just look at this lists: LAPIRO DE MBANGA, Pius OTTOU, Marie Thérèse ASSIGA AHANDA, Clément OBOUH MFEGUE, Robert MBELLA MBAPPE, Roger TCHOUNGUI, Adolphe PAPY NDOUMBE, ABANDA KPAMA, Jean Claude MPACKO, Charles ATEBA EYENE, Abel EYINGA, Catherine ABEN, Emimi Nnekwe Emmanuel, DK Nfor, Bobe Yong, others. Is this country suffering from malice? John Ntarinkon was right that TB Joshua really needs to pray for this country. Cameroon needs cleansing. I mean thorough cleansing. Ndingaman became so annoyed with this country to the point that he willed that he should be buried in Uncle Sam’s land. Can we say that the deaths are angry with Cameroon? You remember that Charlo Atebe Eyene distorted this regime even when he was dead. You know he also distanced some people from attending his burial. Wow, Lapi this wey na traditional ruler for Mbanga. This country don catch fever true, true.
Have you ever witness a scene whether the hunter is being hunted. Oh poor Antoine Bikoro Alo’o. This man who masterminded the sacking and arrest of Zacheuss Forjindam has been dismissed from Chantier Naval. I was hinted that the doors of Kondengui and New Bell prisons are waiting for his footsteps. The talkative Atanga has been in the news. I hear Popoul is very disappointed with him. Newspaper reports indicated that his files on the CAMPOST scandal have been transmitted to the Criminal Court. Poor Atanga who said he was the hunter of John Ntarinkon has become the hunted like Antione Bikoro. Na same fate!!
These Chop People Dem Money Members of Parliament are really shits. I have always said that no one joins this chop people dem money party out of conviction. They do it out of two things: either they are after something or something is after them. You know thieves at times are even scared of their shadows. That is how these CPDM MPs behave. When parliament opened, Popoul got wink of the looming strike and trust Popoul when it comes to threats. He just called them at the congress hall and told them what they hate to hear. Kondengui, hup-hup the strike on the non payment of salaries to senators and MPs died naturally.  
Can you imagine that Cavaye was again elected as house-speaker of the lower house while Niat was also maintained at the upper house? This country is ruled by old people with poor reflection. Oh God help Cameroon, inspire TB Joshua, I got someone cried at the upper house.
Chop People Dem Money alias CPDM clocked 29 years yesterday, March 24, 2014. I saw the same crocks and white-collar thieves signing motions of corruption to President whereas they have abused this country. I mean these great liars who yesterday told another liar behind Popoul. A gang of abusers who all the time have been trying to stop me from speaking the truth. Let me now warn that I know no culture of silence.
Whenever I think of the type of people that surround President Biya and who have ruined this country with lies, it cripples me with shame and low self esteem which is deeply painful. I see now that people who abuse those who are telling the truth are just moral cowards and being cowards, fear is what guides their behavior. I see they’re not exactly happy living in that state, nor comfortable, but to feel sorry for them would be like going into a monster’s cave, seeing this slimey blob of a greedy little beast, a corrupt, evil, self serving, full of lies, without conscience beast.... and seeing that the monster is creating a living hell on earth for itself through its own greed and evil, but is just too ignorant to see that. So I see now that they are the ones to because time is the suspect and not me who is at fault, its those who lie and support evil and cruelty in the name of ‘‘Chop People Dem Money’’ who should be ashamed of themselves. Do you remember what March 24th means to the CPDM barons? I mean those who tell lies to the head of state every year through motions of lies. The birth of the CPDM they say. I mean Chop People Dem Money Pary-CPDM. All these guys are crocks and hypocrites. They always pretend to be together whereas they not. As they sit on the same table everyone is suspicious of everyone around. Yet they will always rise to sing " Are we together? We are one...oh..oh..we are together, we are one". There is nothing like oneness in their minds these dirty thieves. I am sure Popoul will spill the beans again this week. The unexpected will send some of them off the line again i hear. 
I also see very clearly that what they’ve been giving out is about to ricochet back onto them.  Ooh...are they enslaving your consciousness, filling your lives with lies and untruthful promises? They are not creating super soldiers who can torture and kill you without a second thought. I see the look on so many of their faces when I mention the devastating impact and the collapse of a close fascist regime who own the state trasury, who grow more and more powerful. I watched some of them on TV and saw that they are so evil the look on their face. All they care about is their own greed, comfort and conveniences. They look so damned smug as they think to themselves how little they care about Cameroonians or what sort of country they’ll be creating with their selfishness because they’ll be long gone when 2035 comes. What? They’re too blind and stupid to see is there is no death; it will be them who come back to life in another human to experience Vision 2035 they have created for themselves.  If they never learn, if they continue down the path of evil and self serving, every single lifetime they live is going to get more and more difficult and agonizing for them. Not because some God decided they wanted to punish them. It’s just the world they have created…the one that they deserve.

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