Thursday, March 6, 2014

Women in Action: Meet Regina Mundi; The Career Politician

By FC Ndi
Regina Mundi
Regina Mundi is the lone female Member of the Politbureau of the ruling CPDM from the North West Region of Cameroon and an alternate senator. The fact that she is a Member of the Polibureau of the CPDM is a clear testimony that determination and devotion are the corner stone to success. As a matter of truth, she is a stanch militant whose continues preaching about the goodies of the CPDM and its chairman Paul Biya has changed the political landscape in the North West Region. While there are CPDM militants who are SDF lackeys at night and CPDM during the day, Ma Mundi as she is commonly known is CPDM for 24 hours on 24, 7 days of the week and 12 months in the year. Her commitment to President Biya’s political ideologies and the CPDM is not sheer fanaticism. It is for this reason that during the 50th anniversary of the Armed Forces in Bamenda, Regina Mundi was catapulted and recognized. She was decorated by the Head of State President Paul Biya. This graduate of Trinity College-USA has entered history books in varied names, such as the first female to be appointed cultural and social affairs adviser to the then Governor of the North West Province. She was the first woman to occupy the position of secretary in the then CNU party and it was through her efforts that she created the first women group in Mezam. Politically, she has risen from a central committee member to polibureau member.  
While many CPDM militants only pay lip service to the ruling party and its national chairman, Ma Mundi has remained CPDM from the day of its insertion to date. In the early 90s when Bamenda was likened to Bagdad, Ma Mundi was the only female politician who could publicly identify herself as a militant of the CPDM. Even when her house was destroyed against the backdrop of post-electoral violence, she was still committed to the ideals of the CPDM. What is interesting about politics in the North West Region of Cameroon is the fact that there are many people with different political views; yet, Regina Mundi has stood the taste of time as the most convincing female politician. Ever since she entered into active politics, she had never told a lie. In fact she is widely appreciated as a rare specie of politician that is very hard to come-by nowadays. She has always told the population whenever she has the opportunity to make a statement that even though some people may sympathize with the opposition; they know that the opposition has nothing to offer. Being a female politician in the fief of the leading opposition in Cameroon was an uphill task that she gradually transformed into assets. If you have never met a convincing politician, meet her in the field and you will agree with me that she has the God given charm that attracts people
Like someone once said, a single vote for the CPDM in the Northwest Region is worth a thousand votes down the center region, that is why she never gave up until the CPDM was able to win some councils and Parliamentary seats. She once told this reporter that real change is coming and the moment has come for her to celebrate that transformation. Politics is a game of interest, “you scratch my back, I scratch your back, because politics na njangi” says Rt. Hon. Senator Achidi Achu former Prime Minister. This statement of Rt. Hon. Senator Achidi Achu is so realistic that nobody in his/her right senses can discard it. When the SDF was launched in 1990 nobody saw this definition and its relevance. Today, the scales have fallen off the eyes of many Northwesteners. Ma Mundi is one of those realistic individuals and a permanent pillar on which President Paul Biya and the CPDM party has continuously leaned on in the North West Region. Ma Mundi is therefore a career politician

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