Thursday, March 6, 2014

Women in Action: Meet Senator Eno Emma Lafon; The Symbiotic Politician

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Senator Eno Emma Lafon
Senator Eno Emma Lafon hails from Bui Division in the North West Region. Before she was elected Senator, she was the Director of Scholarization and Scholarships in the Ministry of Higher Education. Indirectly, many universities were under her. Her rise to fame in the field of politics can easily be justified by the statement that life is a journey. In fact, John Bungam’s pilgrim progress is a classical expression of this truth that clearly portrays her as a political genius. To start with, she is a multi talented woman and describing her as a genius is to use one of the weakest dictions to illustrate a genius. Ema Lafon is smart and has the political thoroughness that is hard to come by.  Anyone who comes across her for the first time is attracted by her cultured manners which have made her a career politician. 
She is always exceptional everywhere she goes. She started her political progress in the CPDM party where she is a Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM and holds the position of WCPDM national Secretary. Pregnant with political maturity and strategies, her desire to express her political ideas freely and pragmatically made her to move to senate on CPDM ticket.  It is that mastery in grassroot politics and doing little things that matter in a common way that has raised her to be cherished by all and sundry in Bui Division. The fact that she flushed the much talked about mayor of Kumbo council Njong Donatus was not by error. 
While she has been transforming lives while Director of Scholarization and Scholarships, and doing the same like Mother Teresa, Senator Ema Lafon Eno is also an advocate the girl child. She has always been apt to stand up against people in society that keep others in abject poverty for the sake of a few who have wealth and power. To her, the door of success only opens those who value hard work. Senator Ema Lafon is on record for having paid for the reinstating of public taps in Kumbo, regrettable, the SDF took it as a challenge to the point that today, Kumbo is again without public taps. And above all, she is also noted to have offered computers to the catholic church. To sum it all, there is no village in Bui that can raise a finger that the villagers have not benefited from her largess. With a professional career that spans over 30 years within the higher education sector, Senator Emma Lafon is accredited as a dynamic staff with respect for hierarchy and proven diligence in her duties. It was against this background that Dr. Gabsa Wilfred from the Ministry of Higher Education during her homecoming described her as “Good Substance” for the Senate. Many have found in her, a blessing to Bui Division given that her rich professional career will certainly benefit the Bui community and Cameroon in general. She is therefore a woman to celebration at this point that much is being said about women who have succeeded extraordinarily. 

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