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At Inauguration Ceremony: Rene Sadi Epitomizes Mayor Balick Awah Fidelis

By Fai Cassian Ndi

Minister cuts ribbon 
The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Emmanuel Rene Sadi has congratulated the mayor of Bamenda II Sub Divisional Council, his deputies and councilors for steering the ship of development to the shore of hope. Minister Rene Sadi made the statement while inaugurating the Bameda II Sub Divisional Council Chamber at Mbingfibieh, in the heart of Mankon fondom. In his speech, the Minister of Territorial Administration applauded Balick Awah Fidelis prowess. “You are making your mark as a true manager”, Minister Rene Sadi continued. Harping on the mayor’s ability as a true manager, Rene Sadi exploded that he is very impressed by the quality of work-done which is far beyond the estimated cost. He reiterated his wish for other councils to copy the example of the Bamenda II Sub Divisional Council, adding that “we wish that many more be built like this. He also promised that he will be delighted to comeback to Bamenda II Sub Divisional Council to inaugurate another giant project of the same caliber given that the Bamenda II Council Chamber epitomizes that spirit and the dream for a town hall.
Arrival of the Minister flanked by NW Governor
On the role of the council in fostering development initiative, Rene Sadi revealed that the creation of the Bamenda II Council is the result of such efforts. As a locomotive to these efforts, he added that the policy of decentralization instituted by government is on the move and it is achieving it goal to stimulate development, democracy and good governance. “Democracy and good governance breeds development, social and economic transformation” reasons why the government is in full support of the democratic process in Cameroon, he emphasized. The instrument of decentralization, he reechoed “are functioning normally” and he used the occasion to salute FEICOM, its General Manager and staff for accompanying the process though councils. “We appreciate every town hall, classroom, community hall, water scheme, bridge, etc” constructed with the funding from FEICOM.
On the city of Bamenda, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization said that Bamenda has come of age given that it served as the birth place for the two major political parties. More so, the people of Bamenda are peculiar in his heart because amongst whom he find friends and good people whose dexterity has contributed significantly to the infrastructural development of the city. He expressed gratitude to the people of Bamenda for their political maturity. A population, which according Minister Rene Sadi will not hesitate to cast their votes where their interest lies. He thanked the population for their massive turnout, for the songs, and the dances as well as for the law abiding spirit reasons why “President Paul Biya holds the interest of this region at heart”. He concluded by affirming that the concern of the people of the North West is particular and “you will get your due share”.
Enter Balick Awah Fidelis, Mayor of Bamenda II Sub Divisional Council
Welcoming the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization to the newly constructed council edifice, Balick Awah Fidelis, the Mayor of the Bamenda II Sub Divisional Council expressed joy and gratitude to the minister for coming personally to inaugurate the Bamenda II Council chamber. He said the Bamenda II Sub Divisional Council was created following decree No 2007/177 of April 24, 2007 and covers four fondoms, namely, Mankon, Mbatu, Nsongwa and Chomba fondoms. He said that eventhough the council was created to foster development process in these villages, the distance that separates it from other three villages is already a handicap. He pleaded that the creation of Bamenda IV Sub Divisional Council will go a long way to solve this problem. Mayor Balick also decried that following FEICOM statistics, the population of Bamenda II Council area stands at 184.000 inhabitants yet, Bamenda II Sub Divisional Council has only 31 councilors whereas the law clearly states that councils with 50-100,00 inhabitants is entitled to 35 councilors. He expressed gratitude to FEICOM and its General Manager for granting the Bamenda II Council a loan of 180 million FCFA for the construction of the Chambers and an additional 14 million FCFA for supervision. He used the opportunity to implore on the minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization to look into the problem of the salaries of mayors and councilors which according to the mayor of Bamenda II council is long overdue. He also lamented that the presence of the City Council is endemic to sub Divisional councils given that projects like PNDP do not work with them. He said if the situation is redressed it would permit sub Divisional councils to benefit from capacity building like others so that they could face development challenges. More to that he also observed that there is conflict with service delivery with the city council in some domains which jeopardizes many actions. Besides, Mayor Balick Awah also assured MINATD Boss that work has started to provide the council chamber with the basic needs with include amongst others, a three phase electricity line and water. As for the road, he pleaded that the Bamenda II Council needs a befitting access road.
Main block
FEICOM Director General Presents Own Balance Sheet for North West  
According to the General Manager of FEICOM, Camille Akoa the Board of Directors endorsed the loan portfolio for the construction of the Bamenda II Council Sub Divisional Chamber on October 6, 2010 following a council deliberation of December 4, 2009 authorising the mayor to undertake the venture. He said the Bamenda II spirit has given him a lot of hopes to believe that by 2020 at least 60% of the councils will have befitting council town halls. He congratulated the mayor Balick Awah Fidelis, the vote-holder, the contractor-Better man Construction and the supervision firm Marco construction for a job well-done and quality of work as well. Accordingly, he also applauded North West contractors for being exemplary due to the fact that their contribution will go a long way to make decentralization process a success story. “Lord Mayor, you contribution was essential to the achievement of this result”, Camille Akoa added.
Harping on the balance sheet of FEICOM from 2007 to present date, Camille Akoa revealed that 187 projects have been financed in the North West Region to the tune of 13.7 billion FCFA corresponding to 12% of the national territory. Out of the total amount spent in the region, Bamenda II Sub Divisional council benefitted 340 million FCFA for the construction of the
Left side of the council Chamber(ceremonial hall)
council chamber and some bridges. In addition, Camille Ako also made public that 26.13 billion FCFA has been disbursed as Additional Council Taxes-“centime” to the councils. He also announced that out of the 31 of the 34 councils of the North West Region have benefitted FEICOM funding to construct council chambers, “only Babessi, Jakiri and Wum councils” are still construct their own town halls.
There was fanfare and elation at Bingfibieh as thousands gathered to be part of the new way. April 17, 2014 entered into the annals of the inhabitants of Bamenda II Sub Divisional council as a date to be remembered. To Awah Cletus alias AC Risky, he can only give the gratitude of what happened to the mayor of Bamenda II. “I can applaud the mayor and his team” for the marvelous job, he hammered. He said he was also touched by the fact the Balick Awah Fidelis presented a picturesque of the problems faced by the inhabitants of the Bamenda II especially the creation of the Bamenda IV Council.
Awah Cletus alias AC Risky
To Pa Emperor, the mayor and the contractor have proven that they are real developers. He said that council chamber will go a long way to extend the town and stimulate development initiatives in Bamenda II council area. 

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