Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Black Magic: Man Dies, Resurrects, Dies a Second Time

The corpse of a man who has been rejected by his own family is lying at the Nkambe District Hospital Mortuary. The man named Tantoh who died three weeks ago after a brief illness is said to have died long ago and was buried in his village Saah. Yet three weeks ago, the family was shocked to hear that he was still living and that he died, and the corpse has deposited at the Nkambe District Hospital Mortuary. On hearing the shocking news, the family said their family head died long ago and that the said Tantoh was already buried, so they cannot bury him for a second time. Whether the man died and resurfaced remain another mystery that is debated in “sha, ntop, and fian” drinking spot in Nkambe.
According to what we gathered, three years ago Tantoh came to Bongom village where he was living with a concubine. During the three years, he had two kids with the lady. But three weeks ago, Tantoh died at the Banso Baptist Hospital after a brief illness. Owing to the fact that during his stay in Bongom, Tantoh was active and was loved by everyone, the village decided to send some young boys to deliver the sad news to his family. When the youths got to Saah village, they were taken aback when they were told that the same man died long ago and was buried. When his picture was brought to them, they acknowledged and sent a delegation to the Nkambe mortuary who confirmed that it was their brother who had died long ago. His family confirmed that Tantoh died when he was a sub chief but could not believe that the same person resurfaced just 50 kilomters away. When quizzed whether they have ever visited their village, the concubine said that Tantoh told her that he had family problems and decided to stay away from the family. But that he told him that he was from Saah.   
   Latest information from Nkambe say that the administration has given the family in Saah up to a week to collect Tantoh’s mortal remains else the Nkambe council will be oblige to bury him.   

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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