Sunday, April 6, 2014

Camer Gossips: Sparrow Hawk Loses Big Catch, Bam! Bam! Boko Haram Again

Mbapes at the gate of Kondengui
Country people, I salute. Happy Sunday and stay blessed. Are you aware that The Eye Newspaper Weblog was finalist in the 14th Annual Weblog Awards? I told you people that one day the star will shine, and when I said so, some of you thought that I was joking. Now your The Eye is shooting for the stars. In fact never mind what people say about you and your dreams. I could not imagine that but it came to past that The Eye newspaper Weblog competed with bloggers from other countries who are connected to hyper internet and I still beat them hands down in their own game. Confirmed! Practice really makes perfect. Today I believe The Eye will go on with the dreams because they are now real. We owe this success to all of you out there who voted us. In fact We am giving a big THANK YOU to all those who voted us. You made us proud.  Well, since God’s time is the best, we could not celebrate this achievement with the pageantry that it deserved because your Writam-pen just lost another big friend. Death has finally found Cameroon so fertile that it doesn’t want to leave us. I told you people that John Ntarinkon was right when he took the Cameroon flag to TB Joshua and asked the man of God, TB Joshua alias “out” to pray for this country. It has happened again. Have you heard that HRH Fon Senator Njufua Fontem, the Paramount Fon of Fontem “disappeared?” I hope you know that traditional rulers never die, they disappear. The fon of Fontem for your information was a member of the bureau of the senate, and occupied the prestigious position of Questor. I hear senators of that part of the region at each others throat as to who succeeds my friend as Questor. This is perhaps very disheartening. The people of Fontem are all sick. Just within one week, they have lost their fon, senator, questor, President of South West Chiefs Conference and another pathetic incident is that fire gut burnt down to ashes the Menji Council Chamber and the Court. Purportedly, there was a hidden hand behind the fire that gut down the council chambers and the court. The most intriguing thing is that fire consumed the council chamber shortly after CONAC was to storm the council to investigate into some alleged embezzlement scandals. Was there a hidden hand behind the fire incident?  
Did you observed something unusual in Popoul’s entourage to Belgium? Somebody was missing, I mean Atanga. His detractors say he might have been swallowed by the infamous CAMPOST saga, yet nothing concrete has been proven though. I hear the man will be meeting Popoul in Switzerland this week. Things are happening here and there. Edgar is again in the news. After the accusations on USA Ambassador on money laundering, Edgar on the other hand is also said to have caught pants down in a similar commitment with Paris Must Use Cameroon.
I hope you heard of the latest catch of sparrow hawk, Poor Mbapes. The man is coming from far. He saw the gate of hell, tested it for 24 hours and the Almighty Popoul pitied him. I hear there is confusion at the Presidency, Police, Gendarmerie, Prime Ministry etc. Nobody wants to own up for the arrest of Mbapes Mbapes. I am sure that when Popoul comes back this week, many things gonna happen. Heads will roll. Your writam-pen was reliably informed that Popoul didn’t want Mbapes arrested; he had ordered that the man should be kept under surveillance but since power corrupts absolutely, the guys decided to swing into action. The man looked tired and depressed. You know Popoul is always very smart politician or it is Catherine’s ghost that is hunting Mbapes? Could it be that Popoul wanted to use the arrest to calm down flaring tempers after Catherine kicked the bucket?
Bam!! Bam!!! Boko Haram again? The latest news is that three missionaries have been kidnapped at gunpoint in the Northern Region of Cameroon and taken to an unknown destination. Two Italian priests and one nun of Canadian nationality were abducted on the Friday night to Saturday. Suspected Boko Haram activists are said to be behind the kidnapping. Defense minister, Mebego’o is expected to make public declarations on the abduction. You know it has been said that Boko Haram sees Cameroon as a fertile ground to get sponsorship and that every time they kidnap anyone, a ransom is paid exchange yet Tchiroma, government vuvuzela said it was not true. So the question is why is Boko Haram so interested in kidnapping only on Cameroon soil?

Another man who was whisked from Yaounde to Bamenda last weekend was the Publisher/Editor of The Monitor, Amungwa Tanyi. The journalist is currently in detention at the Bamenda prison. Classified sources say his arrest is linked to the court matter he had with CamCCUL. Have you heard that farmers are tired of working in a country where value is not added to their work? Farmers have decided to create their own political party and to battle in the race to Etoudi. Popoul now has another big challenger after John Ntarinkon. Your writam-pen will give you amble information on this new political party next week. Happy weekend. 

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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