Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Deadly Tornado Hits NW: 70 Households Go Homeless in Donga Mantung

The population of Ntaba-Sop village in Ndu Sub Division of Donga Mantung Division, North West Region is still wondering which crime they committed that the gods poured their anger on them last weekend. Over 70 households are actually homeless in the agricultural area of Ntaba following a hard strike by tornado. Even though no human causality was recorded, damages in terms of perennial crops and houses are estimated in millions of FCFA. Speaking to this reporter after a visit to the disaster area, the Mayor of Ndu Council, Bunyui Emmanuel said that the council in the days ahead he will donate 10 bundles of zinc to the affected families. He said when he visited the area; he discovered the houses were poorly constructed. “You know this is the effect of poverty”, he continued.
He revealed that over 70 houses felt prey to this visiting tornado. According to Bunyui Emmanuel, mayor of Ndu Council the roof of some houses were completely destroyed while others only few sheets of zinc were taken away. In a crisis meeting with the population, Mayor Bunyui Emmanuel advised that those who were not affected should share their houses with others while waiting for the council to come to their assistance. Houses that were able to withstand the tornado were left with cracks just to indicate another potential danger to the occupants.

He however, thanked God that no human causality was recorded but lamented that household utensils were destroyed and some carted away. One of the victims Mama Ngwafes Lydia (82) said cannot understand how she found herself on a veranda when her kitchen collapsed on her. She said all her past harvest and little savings were carried away by the rain. It is feared that hunger my strike soon given that 75% of the population of Ntaba lost all their harvests (maize, beans, soya beans) as some were socked. In fact almost everything that was harvested and kept was destroyed and socked. "I do not know what my parents will eat. Our corn ban was destroyed completely", Timothy told this reporter on phone. 
  It should be recalled that the Member of Parliament for Ndu, Hon Ngala Esther, Mayor Bunyui Emmanuel and the D.O for Ndu Sub Division Achu George visited the disaster village to assess the damages. Fon of Sop, Fon Ndanga ll thanked the delegation for their prompt visit and expressed his desire for government to give a helping hand to the affected population.
The Divisional Officer for Ndu on his part promised that he will send his report to the government and that hopefully the government will look into their problem. He furthers advised that house should always be constructed using some bit of modern techniques like iron rots. He further called on neighbours assist their peers in providing them with shelter.

            It should be noted that two years ago a similar tornado hit Sop village rendering over 800 people homeless. Prime Minister Yang Philemon donated FCFA 5.000.000 while Wimbum sons and daughters in the diasopras also donated huge sums of money for the reconstruction of the village. The same tornado also destroyed house at Taku and Ntundip villages that year. 

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