Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vision 2035: Ngola Swimming in Greater Realizations

New Tourist season goes operational in Yaounde
My country People, happy Sunday to all of you out there. Let God’s abundant blessings reach your homes and hearts, Amen.
The week ended with the Members of Parliament and the Senators packing their bags back home after spending a month in Ngola battling over their allowances but your Writtam-pen is aware that some MPs and Senators left Ngola very frustrated. Others have switched off their phones while others just disappeared into the quarters in Ngola drink their sorrows in beer. It is strange that while backbenchers are crying poverty, Members of the Bureau of the National Assembly and Senate are spoiled with allowances. Apart from the fact that Popoul took newsmakers again on the blue given that the Upper Ntang and Lower Ntang closed without the much talked about bill on the revision of the constitution to introduce the post of Vice President making it way into Parliament. I hear lobbyists who have chopped gombo from would-be Vice Presidents have also gone in communicado with their costumers. I told you that Popoul is a very smart fellow. A classified source hinted your Writtam-pen that Popoul left Belgium for Switzerland where he is allegedly working on a new government that will give sparrow hawk room to make some new catches. Your Writtam-pen spotted the Sparrow hawk is patiently waiting on one of the roofs at Nsimaleng Airport ready. About 119 victims are being monitored by the Special Criminal Court. I spotted frail looking Mbapes Bapes on TV. The man wants to buy his head by working himself to death. He spent the whole week with students in Mbalmayo. What a moral teacher to the youths, a sitting minister who was arrested, detained for 48 hours and released to resume function. It’s a pity. I think Popoul should do same to all those guys who have been suspected of having pocketed our gombo so that they can sit up. Popoul has finally discovered a panacea, a psyche-test of honesty.     
Do you know that Cameroon behaves like a jungle? In the jungle life is short, uncertain and the fruits thereof are uncertain given that everyone is suspicious of everyone. Many people including your Writtam-pen have been questioning whether it is not a government policy to allow things to go wrong? The abduction of three clergies in the Northern region of Cameroon by suspected Boko Haram militants and the confrontation between Nigerian herdsmen in Menchum Valley in that North West Region which led to the one Cameroonian being killed, villages set on fire, schools destroyed have proven that. What a jungle-like country with porous borders? Talking about life in the jungle, I hear the Ngola has launched a new touristic season. Oh my God, ndiba everywhere. Look at Avenue Kennedy new-look on this picture. Fantastic, isn’t it? Cars swimming in pool of water.
Your Writtam-pen has been hinted that even the newly appointed Director General of Chantier Naval has refused to take over office. The man I hear wants that the state should pump much gombo given that the coffers are empty. Poor Chantier Naval!! In fact only Bikoro can tell what happened to all the gombo that Forjindam left.

Do you know that Boko Haram is becoming an alternative to solving many problems in Camer here? The other day, a wajo in Misaje who was evicted from his grazing land reportedly threatened to seek protection from Boko Haram if the administration cannot protect him. Have you heard of the brouhaha between the church and the Bororo (wajos) of Banjah? I church and land, wajos and land na wa. Heads will roll on the land problem. Your Writtam-pen gathered that even the administration Mezam played a fast one on the church. I hear the Prime Minister’s office has given these guys few days to solve the pb if not. (Watchout for a special gossip on the land crisis)

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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