Saturday, May 17, 2014

Boko Haram Strikes North Cameroon Again; Abducts 01 Chinese, Kills 01, 02 Cameroonians

Fai Cassian Ndi (Writtam-pen)
Country people, I salute. Have you heard the latest? Boko Haram is making news everywhere, on the web, in the street and in conference halls. In fact I am sure that this issue of Boko Haram is also being discussed in heaven and hell.
When I said last week that Popol has a phobia for summits, I received calls from some people castigation my statement. Popol and Chantou left Ngola for Paris where he (Popol) will have a tete-a-tete with Lucky Badluck Jonathan as well as other heads of states to adopt strategies to fight Boko Haram. As five heads of states are attending the strategic meeting in Paris to discuss on the Boko Haram threats, the unexpected happened again in the Northern region. Bamm…Bammm, at the time I was writing this piece, I received call from a friend informing me that Boko Haram has again strike in the Northern Region. According to what we gathered, two Cameroonians and one Chinese were killed while suspected Boko Haram abducted one Chinese national and about 30 Cameroonians (BIR, Soldiers, civilians) are reported missing during the attack which took place yesterday, May 16, 2014.  
This incident we gathered took place around the Waza Park. The attack your writam-pen gathered took place not far away from BIR stationed there. It is even rumoured in some quarters that some Cameroonians are using Boko Haram as a means to gather gombo. Allegations abound that a high profile personality was caught in the Northern region with bags of money in home. You know these magidas are very secretive. Do you know that some people have used the name Boko Haram to solve their problems? I remember how the Mbororos of Njah in Bamenda who were exploded from a piece of land by the church regain their land back when they threatened to invite Boko Haram. The church panicked and packed out of the land. Another Mbororo grazer in Misaje who was expelled from his grazing land by the administration was reinstated the following day when he threatened to seek Boko Haram protect.
You heard Lucky Badluck Jonathan and his minister of Communication? They are seemingly confused over the issue of the abducted Nigerian school girls. The Minister said government will negotiate with the Boko Haram and that statement was contradicted by Lucky Jonathan. In fact the other day I saw Nigerian women threatening to go naked in the street if the girls are not released after the 14 days protest.
Country people, you saw the Nigerian women in the rain. In fact I think something should be done.
I have been wondering whether 2014 is a year of missing. A month ago, a Malaysian plane disappeared and has not been seen up to date. In Nigeria, 276 school children adopted by Boko Haram have not yet been seen. In Cameroon, 30 Cameroonians are reported missing in the Northern Region. It is alleged that when Boko Haram militants hit Waza, they took away 10 Chinese nationals, 10 vehicles, two soldiers of the elite force BIR. Reports say more than 100 armed men drove in from Borno in two pickups into Cameroon territory.
Can someone tell the Minister of Public Works to remove his hands from the pocket and tell us what is happening to the Kumba-Mamfe road? The risk of appointing politicians is becoming an immeasurable problem in this country. Have you heard that work on the Kumba-Mamfe road was to start last March yet we are in May? Yet Minister Dieudonne Ambassala issued a press release announcing that the contract for the construction of this road was awarded to two Chinese companies. I am seeing this road being tarred on papers in Yaounde. Please Mr. Minister, remove your hands from the pockets.  

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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