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Call for Nominations: The Eye Newspaper 2013 National Awards of Excellence

Press Release

The Eye Newspaper 2013 National Awards of Excellence
Hon. Awudu Mbaya: Man of the Year 2012
As part of activities marking the 24th World Press Freedom Day, jury members of The Eye Newspaper 2013 National Awards of Excellence/ Donga Mantung Achievement Awards met IN Bamenda on May 3, 2014 under the chairmanship of Gwain Colbert Fulai (Publisher of The Colbert Factor) to brainstorm and review the various categories that will entertain the 2013 Awards of Excellence billed for Nkambe, the Divisional Headquarters of Donga Mantung Division. After serious debate and justifications, jury members agreed that nominations shall be done by the general public for all the categories. Besides, members of the jury also decided to include the Cameroonians in the Diasporas. Three categories were chosen for the Diasporas. These categories are: entertainment, development and philanthropy). For proximity reasons, jury members also agreed that the categories for Donga Mantung Achievement Awards shall only be made public through various radio stations in Donga Mantung Division. The communiqué shall be read over the following radio stations for two weeks (Radio Savanna Nkambe & Ndu, Dan Awudu Nkambe, Community Radio Misaje, DMCR and Dan Baturi Ndu). Jury members for this year’s awards ceremony include: Fai Cassian Ndi (Publisher/Editor, The Eye Newspaper), Donat Suffo (Le Messager), Nji Ignatius (Eden Newspaper), Michael Ndi (The Star Newspaper), John Menkefor (Press & Associates), Peterkings Manyong, (Independent Observer), Haruna Mohamadou (Savanna Radio), Tamngwa Marcel (Civil Society), Philo Happi (Eden Newspaper).  After deliberations, jury members agreed that nominations shall be done through SMS, or by calling and or email. The general public is expected to send the names of nominees by sms or call (237) 53 80 18 50/ 77 85 24 76 or via email to
The categories opened for nominations are:
National Awards of Excellence
1.    Man of the Year
2.    Transparent Personality of the Year
3.    Best Minister
4.    Result Oriented MP of the Year
5.    Climate Change Campaigner of the Year
6.    Most Innovative/ Result Oriented Mayor of the Year
7.    Most Assailant Youth Leader
8.    Best General Manager of State Corporation
9.    Best Mobile Network
10. Best Micro finance
11. Most Acclaimed Human Rights Activist
12. Best Poverty Alleviation Project
13. Best Service to Humanity Project
14. Best Farmer
15. Best Hotel Manager
16. Musical Revelation of the Year
17. Best Traditional Ruler
18. Most Acclaimed Researcher in Modern Traditional Medicines
19. All Round Best Principal
20. Innovative Entrepreneur
21. Best Contracting Firm
22. Best Regional Delegate
23. Best Administrator (SDO)
24. Credibility/ Integrity Award
25. Transparency/Credibility Award

·         Best Musician
·         Best Development Oriented Personality

·         Best Philanthropist

 Fai Cassian Ndi 

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