Thursday, May 1, 2014

Labour Day Theme Sparks Controversy

Trade unionists in Cameroon have expressed worries over the theme chosen for the 128th Labour Day celebrations. To Jean Marc Bekoko, this year's theme has nothing to do with the miseries happening at the work-place.  According to Jean Marc, the theme on HIV-AIDS is just a strategy for some hawks to chop money destine to combat HIV-AIDS. He argued that after the celebrations the 5% workers who are infected who normally should have benefited from the project will be abandoned. To him, the theme is part of the cacophony that workers continue to suffer given that if government is serious the theme should have been linked to malaria and not HOV-AIDS. The workers say they are against the increase in the prices of electricity, water, fuel as well as are advocating for an increase in the salaries of teachers, nurses and laboratory technicians. 

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