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National Day Celebration: Deadlock in Nkambe

Security officials trying to block SDF militants
Tempers flared again in Nkambe, the Divisional Headquarters of Donga Mantung in the North West Region of Cameroon on, May 20, 2014 during celebration marking the 42nd National Day celebration. The long accumulated political quarrel between the Cameroon People Democratic Movement-CPDM and the Social Democratic Front-SDF resurfaced again as it found new cracks to explode in diverse forms.
The story goes that on the official program for march-pass, the SDF party was given the pride of place to kick-start the last segment march-pass which was reserved for political parties. SDF official according to what we gathered scent the rat and refused, arguing that the ruling CPDM has always being the first to lead the march-pass since the early 90s and they think it is a ploy. For more than 15 minutes, administration was helpless as the two political giants were enraged in a war of words as none of the political parties wanted to take the lead. It was the National Salvation Front-FNS of Isa Tchiroma Bakary which was making its first public appearance in Nkambe that took the advantage to take the lead the march-pass.
Soldiers heading for a showdown with Achaba riders

But the problem could not be solved as both the CPDM and SDF refused to march. The brouhaha took again over 37 minutes. Yet, there was resistance in both camps. After close to 38 minutes, the CPDM decided to show its strength in second position. Matters worsen when one CPDM militant dolled out a hidden provocative placard on which it was written “MP Go to Ndu, we don’t Want You in Nkambe”. A security officer rushed into the crowd and seized the said placard without arrest. On the contrary, his identity card was seized.  After the 33 minutes of display by the CPDM attempts by soldiers to block militants of the SDF from portraying their strength as well met very stiff resistance.
Hon. Awudu joined irate SDF militants arguing that they should all be rushed given that he has decided to take the lead in the march-pass. After 35 minutes of show of strength and political prowess of the SDF, brouhaha erupted when soldiers acting on instructions decided to block okada riders (militants of the SDF). The okada riders held an impromptu meeting by the road side and resolved instantly that none of them will never ever carry a staff of the delegation of Youth Affairs was well as soldiers, police and gendarmes till further notice. “We will meet the administration tomorrow to know whether it is not our legitimate right to belong to a political party or not. And we will also like to know whether we are not Cameroonians”, one of them argued. “Why was it that they allowed taxi drivers to march with their cars in CPDM and rejected us the achaba riders to march for the SDF, Shey Ngafeeson, achaba President vomited with anger?
Matters Arising
Tongues are still waging in Nkambe over the incident that took place at the Nkambe Grandstand. Public opinion is pointing accusing fingers at the administration and security officials for not playing their role well. “It is the ruling party that always leads the march-pass for political parties and why the sudden change”, Nginyu John, wondered. To Mbeh Wilfred Shey, it was a well calculated plan for the same people to march severally to create the impression that the CPDM is powerful. To some CPDM militants, the SDF wanted to create confusion to disturb them from showing their political strength. However, a classified source at the Presidency of the republic hinted this reporter late yesterday night that heads will roll in Nkambe. According to the hint, the Presidency has put to question the ability of some personalities and have ordered for an immediate inquiry into uncover who initiated CPDM militants  to expose security lapses at this point when the unity and integrity of the nation needed not to be tampered with? “This is a serious matter”, our Presidential insider concluded as he banged the phone. The source further revealed that two placards were seized by the police. The placards according to his interpretation have sparked undesirable situations at this point in time that even a fly is not suppose to pass unseen.
Yet Gerard Ngala, CPDM Section President for Donga Mantung I told the press that the incident was an unfortunate one but further collaborated his statement that it will serve some individuals right. On the other hand, another militant of the SDF raised his voice warning that those who entered politics without understanding the rule of the game are the people who out of ignorance want to divide the (Wi)mbum people. It is feared that the present political stalemate in Nkambe central may sow a seed of discord that may land the (Wi)mbum people in serious problems. Besides, allegation abound that SDF militants are also threatening that all the councilors who did not win in their council constituencies but benefited from votes from other villages will not also be allowed to represent them.  

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