Friday, May 9, 2014

Nigerian Governor Kicks Against Use of Foriegn Troops to Fight Boko Haram?

Reports by say the Governor of Adamawa, Murtala Nyako has joined the league of North East politicians fighting the decision of the federal government over its decision to bring in foreign troops in the fight against the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram.
Governor Nyako advised that the use of force on Boko haram members will not solve the problem of abduction of  200 school girls in Chibok, Borno state.
The Governor has been campaigning in the last two months for the Federal government not to extend the state of emergency declared in the three North East of Nigeria last year.
 Critics say "It seems the Northern youths have allowed the elders of the North to continue manipulating them into believing and living a violent life. Now let’s see how great the elders are leading them and a case study is the case of the Chibok girls. It is pertinent to ask the following questions. How many students are in that village ,then how many in that school in question that 230 of them were kidnapped in just one raid ?
What kind of vehicles were used to kidnap 230 students ? If it is buses how many of them carried 230 student plus the members of Boko Haram that kidnapped them ? If it is Hummer buses that carries 15 people then we are looking at fleet of buses .We have to take into cognizance the terrain and route the kidnappers with the 230 students plied ,the kind of buses that will pass through it .Does it mean that the 230 girls remained silent through out the journey , they did not cry out during the raid?
Does it mean that all the students in that school are living in boarding house ? The Management of the School has been giving conflicting and contradicting numbers of the Students kidnapped, from 124 and to any figure depending on who asked them ,so does it mean there is no established numbers of students in that school ,so we can deduct the day students and the boarding students and count how many that were not kidnapped?
How on earth did a group of 40 students escape from Boko Haram fortified camp ? Does it mean the Boko Boys were asleep or let them all to go or the 40 girls over powered them and escaped and others were left behind ?
We must assume that the Girls were blind folded or tied ,how did they navigate the forest or from the hidden spot and came home ,clean and unmolested ?
The Principal originally said the soldiers rescued the girls ,then later he changed his story ,does it mean he is reading a script ? It cannot be a bad conclusion if we assume that the whole thing is a movie project ,written and played by actors that want to give the Federal Government bad name and black eyes. Have we noticed that nobody from the North is blaming the army,police,SSS not even the DPO in that area ,commissioner of Police of the state ,field commander of the Army, or even the NSA but they all believe that the President must be blamed ?
How come all the fingers are pointing at the President in other to make him look insensitive, wicked and careless ? who is beating that drum ? Is the drum good enough to place fetters of iron on the eyes of the nation so they won,t vote President Jonathan again for 2015 ? Or is it to look as if the State of Emergency running in that state is not working , so that the President will not extend the state of Emergency ?
Do they actually think that the nation is that dumb not to have seen the bad hand writing on the walls of this players ? Is this a case of crying wolf when there is no wolf but sheep in the pen ? Is this all a plot to stop a progressive 2015 ?". 
These are some of the questions that critical minds in Nigeria have been trying to find solution to them.

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