Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saving Abducted Schoolgirls: International Community Accused of Betrayal

By Fai Cassian Ndi
The Union of North West Human Rights Organization-UNOWRURO has called on the United Nations to without further delay implement Article 55 and 56 of the UN Charter to rescue the 276 Nigerian girls abducted by militants of the Islamic Sect-Boko Haram. In a Press statement issued today, May 13, 204, the Union of North West Human Rights Organization accuses the international community of betraying their commitments to stamping out terrorism and cross-border insecurity. They expressed their discontentment at the fact that innocent girls have become the target of terrorism. Talking to journalists in Bamenda at the CHRAPA Hall after the extraordinary session in a press briefing, the President of UNOWRURO, Chongsi Joseph Ayeah said it is pathetic that since 2009, the international community has stood by and watched Boko Haram perpetrating its activities with thousands of innocent people losing their lives. UNOWRORO Press statement also frowns at the fact that Boko Haram activities are receiving financial and intelligence support from international networks.
Harping on the trans-border insecurity brought by Boko Haram in the Northern Region of Cameroon, and Bawuro in the North West Region, the Human Rights activists decried that the occurrence may create cracks in the new found relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria. They called on Cameroonians to be more vigilant and report the presence of any suspect to the appropriate quarters. “As a socially responsible Union, we call on Cameroonians of all works of life especially those living in border areas, to increase vigilance at individual and community level and to immediately report to Forces of Law and Order any suspected and strange faces in our neighborhood” the release states.
In reaction to the worries raised by journalists, North West Human Rights activists used the opportunity to congratulated Cameroon security agents for uncovering two explosive devices recently. “If you meet any of them, give a kola nut because they are proofing their worth. Those devices are not made here. It means they came from somewhere. I think they should be applauded”, Chongsi Joseph Ayeah, the Union President emphasized. On his part, Fonso Michael said that reiterated that “balancing and filling the gap between the poor and the rich by the government can adequately address the issue of terrorism in the world.

However, public opinion is aghast that the UN has been very adamant on the abduction of the Nigerian school girl. “Was it by holding a paper on the chest that the West and USA fought against Osama Ben Laden, Ghadafi, and or Sadam Hussien?” street commentators have been wondering. Another school of thought holds that the #Bring Back Our Girls” campaign even though is creating awareness, could equally be a form of escapism.

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