Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sparrow Hawk: Etonde Ekotto Freed, Siyam Siewe Slammed 20 Years

Etonde Ekotto
 Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Douala Port Authority ( PAD) cum retired military Colonel was released early Wednesday morning April 30, 2014 , after a hearing that began a day ago at the Supreme Court in Yaoundé. His companion in misfortune , Siyam siewe who was sentenced life imprisonment's jail term was also to 20 years in imprisonment. For Etonde Ekotto case , judges at the Yaoundé Supreme Court took that last decision to annul the verdict passed three years ago by the Court of Appeal of the Littoral Region. The Appeal court had slammed him 15 years imprisonment for misappropriation of public funds as part of his duties at the Port .77 years old , former classmate of the Head of State Paul Biya at the Lycée Leclerc, is currently en route to Douala prison where he has been incarcerated since 2009. "He is free, but the Superintendent of the New Bell Prison is waiting for the order of release to let him go home , "says Me Dieudonné Happi, the lawyer to  Edourd Ekotto .

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