Saturday, June 28, 2014

Camer Gossip: Mighty Storm to Sweep Lions, "FECAFOOD", Ministry of Sports

Country people, when I said sometimes ago that Popol is a man who springs surprises, some people said it was an overstatement. Have you heard that latest? Popol has given his Prime Minister Yang de Philemon only one month to give him a detail report on who did what in Brazil.
  Boum! Boum! World Cup fiesta! Na waoooo. I knew that these guys were going to bring us more controversies.  Oh poor Mbia! Have you heard that Stephan Mbia narrowly escaped being lynched by irate hawkers at the Avenue Kennedy? It is thanks to the timely intervention of the police that Mbia vamoosed. Massa Jo has also promised to tell his portion of the truth in a Press Conference. These guys are taking Cameroonians for granted.  I hear Massa Jo told his boss Adoum Garoua Bolaya (Minister of Sports) that he Massa Jo was minister of Sports, Adoum was Divisional Delegate for Sports somewhere in one of the enclaved area. Yet he wants to dish him lessons on sports. Have you heard Ghana has dismissed that country’s Minister of Sports after the poor performance in Brazil.
I wish Popol could behave like Nkwame Nkruma of Ghana, Robert Gue of Cote D’Ivoire or Late Mbobutu Seseko of Zaire. The story goes that in 1972, the late Nkwame Nkruma had to dissolve the national team for poor performances. Remember that in 1994, Zaire qualified for the World Cup and they suffered a 9-0 defeat from Yugoslavia, 2-0 defeat from Scotland etc. when the players returned to Zaire after the humiliation, they were picked from the airport directly to the military barrack to be taught lessons on patriotism. Those who never returned to Zaire are still in exile today. Mbobuto did not only dissolve the team but he also changed the lions of Zaire to the leopards of Zaire.
In 1992, the Elephants of Cote D’Ivoire won the African Cup of Nation. As winners, they automatically qualified for the 1994 African Cup of Nation. But they were humiliated by the low rated Togo national side. The elephants did not moved to the second round. On returning home, General Robert Gue, by then Head of state ordered they should be taken directly to the military barracks on grounds that they needed protection because the fans were angry. But it was until they got to the military barrack that they understood the importance of patriotism.
I am just recovering from the shock of the humiliation of the lions. I hope it has not been the same with you. When I told you that Cameroon doesn’t have a national team and that these guys were just a selection, some people cursed me that I am a pessimist yet it came to past that your Writtam-pen saw tomorrow. I hear Popol has vowed that heads will roll. I hope you all saw what transpired between Moukandjo and Assou Ekotto. I have been hinted that the two players have been admitted to participate in the upcoming wrestling champion at WWE-RAW for the Money in the Bank champion alongside John Cena, Shawn Michael and the Big Show. Alex Song on the other hand has qualified for the world championship and his first match will be against Randy Otton.
Poor Cameroon!
 While the players were displaying their new discipline in front of cameras, I hear Massa Jo and Adoum Garoua Boulaye were scattering dishes in one hotel restaurant over gombo. Yang de Philemon has no other option than to propose that the team should be dissolved. And that all the 250 delegates who chopped government gombo should pay back everything into the treasury. 

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