Monday, June 9, 2014

Latest Gossips from Camer.. Lions Go, Go and Bring us More Trouble

Country people, happy Sunday to you all. Permit me congratulate Popol for his winning the African Peace Award. You know ever since Popol and Abasanjo worked path calmly for the peaceful settlement of the Bakassi Crisis, voices have been heard arguing why the two statesmen should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Finally, the Pan-African Lawyers Union of the AU has taken the bull by the horns. At last, Africans have started seeing themselves objectively. Thabo Mbeki, former South African President was the man in-charge who handed the award to Popol.
Country people, I hope you all saw what I saw over CTV, that Popol for the first time hooped a Cameroonian. Lucky Akere! He is the first Cameroonian to have been hooped by Popol publicly. In fact, you should understand that Popol was very happy and felt accomplished, to have been recognized.
If there is anyone that deserves a tab on the back for initiating the idea of a Noble Peace Prize for Popol and Abasanjo, it is the acclaimed Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle. I hope it is not that idea that has been hawked given that the project was unfortunately slaughtered by the Northwest dreams killers at the last minute during the 50th Anniversary celebration of Cameroon Armed Forces in Abakwa last December 2010.
Country people, have you heard that Boko Haram insurgents attacked a village in the Northern Region of Cameroon on Saturday, June 7? I hear the BIRs dealt with the insurgents. At Tourou in the Far North, 118 magidas (Boko Haram) gave up the ghost while two patriotic BIRs gave theirs for defending the territorial integrity of Cameroon. The other day, your Writtam-pen got a hint that some 28 militants of Boko Haram were picked in Bafoussam. The question is ho did they found themselves in Bafoussam? I hope you understand why the President of the Senate, Niat recently organized a meeting grouping all the living forces to support Popol’s decision to declare war on Boko Haram. Popol said it and Cameroon is. Hope Lucky Goodluck of Naija has seen the how far of Popol even in negotiating for the release of those abducted. The Italian Priests and Canadian Nun were released yet the Chiko Girls are still missing. I do not want to know whether ransom was paid. You remember the controversy surrounding the lasered banknotes paid to Boko Haram by the French government that were later dictated in the hands of some government officials. Papa fire who said that our military were trained for public ceremonies has back paddled. John Ntarinkon commended the efforts of the BIR in fighting the Boko Haram insurgents. John Ntarinkon who was speaking in Buea after the meeting of the National Executive Council-NEC of Sofa Don Finish-SDF made it very clear that all the living forces should collaborate with the forces of law and order, administration, chiefs, fons et cetera stamp-out the phenomenon of Boko Haram. NEC members unanimously condemned the act of terrorism after a presentation of the Njong Donatus. Sofa Don Finish also warned against the acquisition of flying coffins in the names of airplanes by government. They acknowledged the fact that the airplanes bought from China were outdated (buy one takes two) that someone somewhere is again siphoning state money.  
Go! Go! Go! Lions go, go, go and bring us more controversies and trouble. The trouble is that in 1994, Cameroonians contributed gombo in what was known as “coups de Coeur”, and that gombo got missing between Paris and New York. It never reached its destination. Since then, players have been working and officials of the Ministry of Sports and FECAFOOD have been chopping. During the last world cup in South Africa, the lions roared out in anger for none payment of match bonuses. Last Saturday after a friendly gala match to say bye-bye to their supporters, the players rejected to collect the national flag from the hands of the Prime Minister. Volker Finke, coach of the Indomitable Lions stepped in to rescue Yang from a public disgrace. Even though analysts say it was the worse diplomatic blunder of the year, the worst came when the Prime Minister spent over 3 hours at the Nsimalen Airport waiting to say bye-bye to the lions. The over 30.000 man-crowd left the airport disappointed.  As Cameroonians watched the drama unfold with a mixture of skepticism and hope, questions and worries have been raised about the fairness of the FECAFOOD-Normalization Committee headed by Massa Jo. Can you imagine that Massa Jo had to borrow money to pay match bonuses for players of the National team? Shame!!!!!!! I told you last year that the Cameroon Football Federation-FECAFOOT has changed to FECAFOOD? In fact, Massa Jo thought that soccer is still pay as you go without knowing that les donnes ont changer entre temps. Can you imagine that the Angolan plane spent an extra day waiting to transport the lions to Brazil?
Have you ever heard the latest controversy putting Mafor Yefon Ama Tutu Muna, Minister of Arts and Culture at loggerhead with traditional rulers? North West Fons have vowed to stage a protest march from Abakwa to Ngola on foot for Mafor Yefon to bring back the artifacts she fraudulently transferred to Yaounde without their approval. Yet Mafor Yefon Ama Tutu Muna whispered over CTV radio that the artifacts were transferred to Ngola for fear that they will all be stolen. (Affair a suivre) 

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