Thursday, June 19, 2014

SCNC Chairman is no More!!!

The National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) Chief Ayamba Ette Otun had passed onto eternity in his native town of Mamfe, Manyu division, Cameroon. A granddaughter of Chief Ayamba is quoted to have said that the family is in deep shock and grief for a man who spend all his life for Anglophone struggle with no date set for his burial. Chief Ayamba died in a hospital in Mamfe after a brief illness. He is over the age of 86 and eats neither meat nor fish in his entire life time and adopted the motor of the “argument of force and not the force of argument’’ to drive home the none violent struggle for the independence of Anglophones Cameroons (Former British Southern Cameroon) in Cameroon. Chief Ayamba is an embodiment of the Anglophone struggle, inculcated in altruism and had spent his entire life span fighting for the liberation of Anglophones in Cameroon. SCNC leaders are reportedly meeting across Cameroon to consider the burial arrangement of the leader. On 30th December 1999 HRH Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, late S.N. Tita (may his soul rest in peace), Justice Alobwede Ebong and Mr. James Sabum (leaving out S.N.Tita who dropped out of the campaign for personal reasons) seized radio Buea and declared the independence of Southern Cameroons; they automatically became front liners in the bid for the self determination of the people of Southern Cameroons. This move was immediately followed by the closure of the border at the Mungo Bridge, under the watchful eyes of armed security forces from the Littoral on 3rd January 2000. Later on H.R.H Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, Emmanuel Doh Fongoh, Mba Chesami Stephen, Wilson Daiga Fokum, Chofor Fru John, Sabum James and Alobwede Frederick Ebong (now on self exile in U.S). who became front liners of SCNC organized a rally in the Victoria centenary stadium to explain what happened in Buea in the night of 30th December 1999 from where six (6) of them were arrested and whisked off to Yaounde and were incarcerated for 14 months in a sub human cell. Chief Ayamba had spend more than 520 days in detention in his struggle for Anglophone independence than any other Known activities and his deep sense of open mindedness and integrity had credited his leadership with Nfon Ngala Nfon vice chair of SCNC. Repression of the group increased significantly in 2001 when the organization was declared illegal by Biya’s government and clashes with police at a demonstration in Bamenda, Kumba, mamfe and Mutengene resulted in multiple deaths.[3] As a result, multiple international offices and branches of the SCNC have opened and engaged in political activities in the Diaspora with other sprinted groups like Ambazonia all fighting to end the marginalization of Anglophones Cameroon. In 2011 the BBC reported that more than 400 SCNC activist where arrested and detained in Buea, south west region of Cameroon in an anticipated event to mark 50 years of Southern Cameroon independence under the leadership of Mola Njoh Litumbe who was taken house arrest at 5 am another proponent of the Anglophone independent struggle. Following declarations he made on Equinox tv in a debate leading to the 2011 presidential elections where I was a guest with Mola on what the presidential Candidates will do to concretized the union between Anglophones and Francophones 50 years after the purported reunification. Pressure was mounted on La republic to acknowledged October 1st 1960 as the independence date of southern Cameroons, finally the Biya’s government did and issued a statement to that effect, unfortunately when Biya came to Buea in March 2014 in celebration of Anglophone independence , Anglophones in government frustrated the move and turn the celebration to a semi biya’s birthday instead of using the occasion to articulated the marginalization of Anglophones. The question now is, will the struggle die as its Leaders passes on, Certainly Not. Adieu Chief Ayamba , the struggle will live on!!! He who has done his best in his own time, has leave for all times. You are among the likes of Nelson Mandela, unfortunately your dream has not been achieved in your life time but it has built a foundation for the future of Anglophones struggle. Our deep condolence is with the family of Chief Ayamba. More info coming soon with contact and directives for those who wish to be part!!!

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