Friday, June 20, 2014

SCNC Issues Release as National Chairman Passes On


The SCNC deeply regrets to announce the sudden death of our former National Chairman, Chief AYAMBA, ETTE OTUN.
He passed away to eternity today afternoon in his home town Mamfe at the ripe age of 91years.As an activist, member of the National Executive and National  Chairman, he served the Council with dedication, devotion and commitment. He was a passionate believer and defender of the right to self-determination of the British Southern Cameroons people.
While final arrangements for burial are being awaited we call on all faithful members of the SCNC at home and abroad to remain committed to the ideals Chief Ayamba gave his time, energy and life, namely, the
restoration of our sovereign British Southern Cameroons statehood with bright and equal opportunities for all.
Our heart felt condolences to Mrs. Gladys Ayamba and the entire Ayamba family.

Done in Buea, this 18 Day of June 2014

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