Saturday, June 21, 2014

What if Fon of Nkambe is NOWEFU Next President?

By Fai Cassian 
Speculations as to who succeeds Fon Teche at the helm of NOWEFU have come to null. The Fon of Nkambe, HRH Ibrahim Japbu Nfor has declared that anyone attempt to manipulate that the Presidency of the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU doesn’t go to Donga Mantung Division, will meet very stiff resistance and may even led to Donga Mantung pulling out of the fons union. Fon Ibrahim Japbu Nfor told Chronicle newspaper in Bamenda a week ago that “this is my time, I am bound to take over”, he emphasized. This is so because all the other divisions of the North West have had their turns except Donga Mantung and Boyo. The Fon of Nkambe was very categorical that if there would be any attempt to manipulate or relegate his division from succeeding Fon Teche at the helm of the fons union, Donga Mantung Division would be forced to pull out. However, commentators hold that anyone who succeeds Fon Teche next year is likely to be appointed senator. Accordingly, by 2018 when the next elections would take place, it could be Fon Teche’s successor who could be appointed. The fon of Nkambe, it should be noted has been in the corridors of power since the insertion of NOWEFU. He served in various capacities such as treasurer and is currently the 3rd Vice President. It should as well be noted that the position of NOWEFU president rotates amongst the divisions. Others have already benefited. Mezam Division produced the first President in the name of Fon Abuhmbi II of Bafut, Bui, Sehm Mbinglo of Nso, Ngoketunjia, Fon Chafah of Bangolang, Menchum, Fon Anneng Francis of Bafmen and Momo, Fon Teche of Nggyen Muwa. The Eye is aware that some 11 fons recently set up a committee headed by the Fon of Bafut to revise the constitution of NOWEFU but it would be disastrous if it is intended to manipulate on the three years term and rotation of the presidency, popular opinion holds. Yet classified source say Donga Mantung may likely stage a drama similar to that of Menchum and Ngoketunjia. This is so because it is feared two other candidates are said to have declared their intention as well. (a suivre) 

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