Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holiday Football Bonanza Hits Ntaba in the Mbaw Plain

Timothy Gonga Kari in red short
There were trumpet blasts, singing and shouting in Ntaba in the Mbaw plain as Timothy Holiday Football Tournament kick-started last Sunday with a lot of enthusiasm portrayed. The sound noise from the nearby football pitch echoed into the hills of Sop and the plains of Mbaw with every fan clubs showcasing their strength to grasp the trophy donated by the young cameraman Timothy Gonga Kari who took the challenge to sponsor the tournament from his little earings. Being the first of its kind, the launching was heavily attended. In fact no one was left back home just to be told of the excitement. Impressionists had last Sunday's football tournament rated as the highest crowd puller in the entire Mbaw Plain.
Its promoter and lone sponsor Timothy Gonga says he initiated the tournament to bring together youths during this summer holidays. Speaking to this reporter after the football encounter between Manang FC and Kibung FC, Timothy said he was overwhelmed by the massive turnout and the encouragement he is getting from some elders. “I have also discovered that bulk of talents we have in this area and I wish to thank God for giving me that inspiration”. He lamented that even though some elite(s) are reluctant in promoting social gathering like football tournaments, he is hoping that the Ndu Council will support his efforts. “I am still waiting on the Ndu given that the mayor promised to chip in something to support our initiative”.  During the first encounter between Manang FC and Kibung FC, soccer fans travelled as far as Mbawnso, Mbawrong, Ntem and Sop to watch the match. Even though the match ended by each side scoring one goal, the enthusiasm and fanfare that surrounded the entire Mbaw plain was splendid. The tournament which carries a cash prize of 50.000 FCFA has been described by many football lovers as the beginning of new horizon for the entire Mbaw plain. “50,000 FCFA is not much money that can gather a crowd of about 200 people around the pitch, it is rather significant that this tournament can serve as a football nursery for this area”, Timothy Gonga concluded.
It should be recalled that seven teams have registered and are competing in the tournament. They are Mujoh FC, Koprong FC, Manang FC, Kibung FC, Mbunkuh FC, Ntaba FC and the Carrefour Boys FC. 

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