Thursday, July 3, 2014

Star for a Day: Eto’o’s Ex Girlfriend Beats Record

Tongues are still waging in Yaounde over the controversy surrounding Samuel Eto’o and his former girlfriend, Nathalie Koah. "Traffic Jam" there was at the time Martinez Zogo just ended her interview which was live over a local radio, Amplitude FM.
Nathalie Koah
The crowd of onlookers clumped near to arouse the curiosity of passersby. "She's already out?", "She even where" "I also want to see how she looks like the girl", many said.  Moments later, a young man, the little brother of Nathalie Koah, wearing a set Jeans: breeches and shirt, matched with a cap, above the long-awaited lady. The "Nathalie" appears. She wears close-fitting black pants, rolled up at the ankles, a senior wide bicolor, black and white, with low shoes moccasin style. She wears boyish, her short hair are veneered back and let her discover clear neck like the rest of his body. She also wears a pair of glasses a little too big for her delicate face which blends with the handbag she was clinging to her arm. Bloggers and facebookers could be seen opening their laptops to be able to capture an image.
From a far distant, some onlookers who have been there for close to an hour could be seen running to see her, while others were scrambling to get a better visibility. Despite the excitement of the crowd and the questions that burst from either side, the 27 years old girl managed to clear a path to meet the driver who is waiting nearby. Away, Nathalie Koah leaves behind a barrage of questions from the inhabitants of Elig-Essono. Her meeting with the captain of the Indomitable Lions to accusations made against her today, everyone has his/her comment.
(Up next: What Nathalie told Amplitude FM)

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