Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tsimi Evouna to Pay FCFA 188 Million for Unlawful Demolition

Tsimi Evouna, Govt Delegate
Wednesday, July 23, 2014, will remain a great moment in the life of Mary Abeck Akwa. Engaged in the pursuit of justice since May 10, 2007 when, with impunity, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, the government delegate to the Yaounde City Council in flagrant violation of the law, demolished her building with several apartments in Yaoundé. We remember all the steps incurred by the victim and given that all avenues for conciliation between the parties have been unsuccessful. Angered by the destruction, Mary Abeck Akwa took the Yaounde City Council to court. In handling down the judgment recently, the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court took note of the ruling of Sept. 7, 2011, in which the lower court had condemned the Yaounde City Council, to pay a sum of 188.880.000fcfa against the astronomical sum of: 1.688.880.000fcfa requested by the accusing party. Appeals were filed on both others. After the production of a large number of submissions by the parties in conflict, the case was again enlisted for discussions, at the hearing of the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court on 23 July. While deciding on the foreclosure of the solicitor general filed out of time, the rapporteur held admissible the appeal briefs by the City Council and Mary Abeck Akwa. The Court ruled and approved that the compensation for the damage and all damages are attributable to the Yaounde City Council. Better, Court slammed the City Council to pay the sum of 188.880.000fcfa.
In his reply brief, and more vehemently challenge the claims of the complainant because it produced no expert report on the evaluation of the site before its demolition, the public prosecutor considers that even if there has been abuse of the law by the City Council, the amount of 188.880.000fcfa, appears excessive. After two hours of deliberation and upon resumption of the hearing, the President of the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court, Magistrate Clément Atangana delivered the final judgment. "The Court upheld the payment of damages to Mary Abeck Akwa at the sum of 188.880.000fcfa, as ordered by the Trial Chamber of the Supreme Administrative Court and directed that it be executed against the Yaounde City Council".
Mary Abeck Akwa, felt that the Younde City Council deserved a higher sentence, for the time being, feels relieved, excited, happy and sublimated to see the right and justice triumph over some of the abuses by caciques, dinosaurs and apparatchiks who believe themselves "above the law".      Public opinion in Yaounde holds that this conviction against the City Council will dampen the ardor of a government delegate whose actions, for the majority, are repressive and mercantilist instead of being brought to the socialization and moralization of the masses.

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