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At The Eye 7th Anniversary: Former Student Leader Calls for Political Reconciliation

A Paper on Political Reconciliation by Tata Kwawi Mbinglo (Former Student President of the University of Buea) presently in Thailand on the Occasion of 7th Anniversary of The Eye Newspaper. Paper represented by Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar

The senior Divisional Officer,
 Members of the Administrative unit,
Award Jury members,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tata Kwawi Mbinglo
I must acknowledge the commendable and credible efforts of the Eye Newspaper for recognizing and rewarding hard work.This will go a long way to encourage excellence and devotedness to unprecedented performance by those who serve our beloved country in different categories.   While acknowledging that our politicians have made tremendous strides towards developing our cherished division, I must underscore here that the political evolution in Donga Mantung has witnessed a lot of shortcomings with regards to the expectations and hopes of the people in this Geo political landscape. Politicians have been accused of embracing personal interest than that of the population that elected them to high offices for the purpose of improving the current underdevelopment in the division.
Political parties all have a common vision and mission expressed through their manifestos which all represent the welfare and wellbeing of the masses they represent. Thus identifying yourself with a political party does not defeat the purpose of your mission which encompasses that of your personal interest and the community as a whole. All political parties aim at meeting up with and satisfying the needs of their people irrespective of party lines. Thus it is a common thing to find two brothers identifying themselves in different political parties yet sleeping on one bed. A husband and wife could possibly belong to opposing parties yet remain who they are.           
Unfortunately, politicians have failed to realize that unity should persist even with differed political thoughts and party lines. Most of our politicians have ruled lines against their opponents and believe they are life enemies. Modern politics falls short of such unethical values and go beyond party lines. A brother militating with the opposition party does not certify him an enemy; it simply makes him your brother on the other side.  
 We could differ during the pre-electoral period in terms of party manifestos and ideology but immediately results are declared, all we should demonstrate is a fair play attitude and embrace our brothers and sisters on the other side. Encourage those who lost the elections and support those who emerged victorious. We all have unique and common characteristics that make us who we are. We are very hospitable, peace loving, generous, law abiding and hardworking. These are the values that make us a unique people.           
  Political hatred falls short of many expectations and as a politician when you embark on such you earn up destroying more than what you intended to construct. A good politician will smile at his opponent and dine with him with confidence because that is what politics entails.You must be tolerant; simplicity should be part of you and forgiveness a virtue in you.
Tamngwa Marcel presenting
I cannot overemphasize here the essence of political reconciliation among our politicians here in Donga Mantung. We all know the importance of unity. We cannot talk of development when unity is far-fetched. No one was born an island.We must learn to leave as a common people irrespective of our political party affiliations. Donga Mantung has lost a lot as a result of too much hatred, black mail and disunity among our politicians. It is high time we stand up tall against all odds and embrace UNITY in order to Foster Development in Donga Mantung. Let the political divide come to a stop and lets burry the hatched.Development is knocking at our door steps but disunity is giving its back to it. So then we must eradicate the virus of political hatred and activate the antivirus for political hatred which is UNITY. For once there is UNITY, Development follows.      
As we leave this hall and round up this great event, we should be new creatures with new spirits of forgiveness, tolerance and unity.
Let me end up by congratulating the award winners of this great seasonal event organized by The Eye newspaper with Mr. Fai Cassian Ndi as chief editor who has done a great job when it comes to seasonal reporting of events within and without Donga Mantung Division and for this great privilege he has given me to pass across this message. 
Thank you all for your time and sorry I am only represented not in person.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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