Monday, August 25, 2014

Consul General Applauds Nigerian Community in Donga Mantung

H.E Dan Wari flanked by Fon Ibrahim Japbfu Nfor (Fon of Nkambe)
The Nigerian Consul General for North West and South West Region has applauded Chief Kennet Obiora, the chief of the Nigerian Community in Donga Mantung Division for their dynamism. Dan Wari made the declaration during a two day meet the people tour that took him to Ndu and Nkambe. Talking to journalists after the two-day visit, Dan Wari said he was touched by the way Nigerians are live and commune with their brothers and sisters of this part of the country. To him, the Nigerian Community in Donga Mantung Division is the most organized and " i am delighted that they at home here" he continued. H.E Dan Wari didn't hide his feelings when he said that other communities should learn from the example from this part of the country.

On his part Chief Kennet Obiora expressed thanks and gratitude to the Consul General for the timely visit. He also used the opportunity to call on all Nigerians resident in Donga Mantung Division to adhere into the union. To Chief Kennet Obiora Nkambe is home away from home. He also congratulated other dignified business magnets like Shey Auto (proprietor of Auto International, one of the contractors in the Division), and others who have invested much in Donga Mantung Division. Also another giant like Onyeka who is MTN distributor in Donga Mantung Division who employs hundreds directly or indirectly as Call Boxers It should be noted that Chief Kennet Obiora is also one of the biggest Apropastoral entrepreneur in the North West Region. He has invested in the processing and transformation of kernels into various forms and is actually putting in place a pastoral complex which is expected to provide jobs to the youth.

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